Vilano Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike Review

Vilano 20” Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike is one of the most classy-looking folding bikes in the market, yet it is very affordable. In addition, the bigger wheels and the wider range of speeds makes it a versatile ride that you can safely rely on when riding on most kinds of terrains. It is well-built using high quality yet lightweight components to ensure that it stays in your possession and delivers the highest standards of performance for a very long time. Let’s find out more about this lightweight folding bike and understand why it’s recommended by most bikers.


Wheels: 20”
Tires: 1.75” Kenda
Speeds: 6
Gears: twist grip shifters
Frame: Aluminum, foldable
Accessories: fenders and rear rack
Weight: 29.5 lbs

Vilano Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike Features

This economical folding bike features a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame which is built to withstand regular urban riding. Built for everyday commuters, the frame weighs only 29.5 lbs so that you can carry it easily once you have folded up the frame. The folding mechanism is quite simple and includes a safety latching mechanism to keep it in position when folded up and also to keep it from folding when it’s being ridden.

Vilano Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike in foldable position

Vilano 20” isn’t simply about a sturdy and long-lasting frame. The design too, is a highly functional one and includes everything to make it one of the best bikes for urban riding. 20” wheels with double wall rims are also reinforced with thick Kenda tires to deliver a smooth performance on most types of surfaces. A good range of speeds are available and it’s quite simple to switch between them using the twist grip shifters that it uses.

Besides a good range of speed and superior control over the folding bike, you will also find that it delivers a very comfortable ride. The saddle installed on the model is a very comfortable one and the seat post and handlebar are both adjustable to allow you to take a comfortable position while riding the foldable bike depending on your height and style of riding. The use of steel fork also adds to the overall comfort during the ride since it does an excellent job at absorbing shocks and jolts.

Vilano Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike handle adjustment

What’s more, you will also appreciate the addition of fenders and a rear rack in the same affordable and lightweight package. Both these accessories can be highly beneficial, especially if you use it as an everyday commute around the city.


  • The folding bike is lightweight yet durable.
  • Fenders protect the frame and your clothes against splashes.
  • A good range of speeds are available.
  • Pedals are foldable to give it a compact shape for storage.


  • The wheels will not work for hilly terrains.
  • You have to assemble the bike before using it for the first time.


Although Vilano 20” Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike may not be what a professional cyclist would like to have in his or her garage, it will work perfectly for urban riders who would use it as an everyday commute to work. The frame is lightweight and foldable so that you can fold it up and carry it in your hands into your office once you’re at your destination. It also means that you can pack it in your car trunk and take it with you to your holiday destination to explore the place even more closely. Overall, it’s an affordable foldable bike that includes all the bells and whistles that an urban rider would be looking for.

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