7 Best Lightweight Folding Bike Reviews 2019

With the ever-growing popularity of folding bikes among cyclists, manufacturers are finding new ways to improve the design and make it even easier to use. The lightweight folding bike won’t just be simpler to ride but also to haul through tight spots or crowded spaces where it isn’t possible to ride it. Although its weight is low, the design is compact and the frame is foldable for a best lightweight folding bike, the performance is not compromised even in the slightest. You will find it just as strong and capable as any of those heavier, non-folding models – only if you know where to look. The added advantage you do get, however, with a lightweight foldable bike is the simpler maneuverability and convenience.

So where will you find these lightweight folding bikes that will live up to all your riding expectations? The answer is: RIGHT HERE! Bearing in mind the requirements of different kinds of cyclists in mind, we have assessed a wide variety of lightweight folding bike to bring forth only the most ideal choices for you to choose from.

Best Lightweight Folding Bikes in Summary

What are the benefits of a lightweight folding bike?

Lightweight folding bikes are becoming a preferred choice of many cyclists for some very obvious reasons. Here are some of the top benefits offered by a lightweight folding bike to help you decide whether you really need one:

Quality and Performance

As already pointed out, a lightweight folding bike is no less in performance or durability as any of the regular bikes in the market.


With the foldable frame, the bike can be packed easily and carried in a car or train. The foldable frame makes it easier to take the bike with you wherever you go, even on long distance journeys.


Storage is not an issue with a lightweight folding bike, unlike the heavy, regular bike which needs to be chained in a garage. A lightweight folding bike, on the other hand, it does not take up much space at all and can be folded up to be stored in compact spaces which is especially favorable if you live in a small apartment.


You may encounter areas where riding the bike isn’t suitable such as a narrow, crowded street. Here you will need to haul the bike and it will be loads easier if the bike is a lightweight folding bike rather than one of those heavy varieties.


Bikes are already a cost-effective solution for travelling small distances. You save fuel cost by giving your car a break and also do a huge favor to the environment in doing so. A lightweight folding bike presents even more of a cost-effective solution since it costs lower than a regular bike.

Choice of Designs

Since they are the most popular and best-selling varieties of bikes in the market, you will find more color options and designs to choose from for lightweight folding bikes than available for regular bikes. Depending on your personal style, you will find a variety of options to choose from including contemporary designs, vintage styles and many more.

Lightweight Folding Bike Reviews

#1. Vilano Lightweight Aluminum Folding Bike

Vilano Lightweight Aluminum Folding BikeFor those of you who prefer a cheap and lightweight folding bike for everyday commuting, Vilano 20” will make a worthy investment. The sleek design and quality components installed in the bike will never give away the cheap price at which it comes. The frame, constructed with aluminum, is lighter in weight than what you will find on most bikes. Although the frame is aluminum, the suspension fork is constructed out of steel for adding better sturdiness and durability where it’s needed most.

This lightweight folding bike makes use of twist grip shifting to conveniently transition between a set of 6 speeds, which are adequate for daily city riding. To further help with faster commuting and a balanced ride, especially on rough terrains, the bike is equipped with wide, 20” wheels which are installed with 1.75” tires.

Besides these basics, the model also comes complete with the extras including fenders, rack and an adjustable stem for a very comfortable ride for cyclists of all heights.

What you will like even more is the compact design and the low weight of 29.5 lbs at which it comes despite the enhanced performance features that this lightweight folding bike includes. The already compact frame folds up in seconds with the help of the built-in safety latch to take an even smaller shape which packs up easily and can be transported inside a car trunk or stored in a small space. Together with the frame, the stem and the pedals are also foldable on this bike for it to help take a convenient, compact shape for storage.


  • The bike doesn’t have Shimano shifters.
  • It does not perform well on rough terrains.

#2. URB-E Folding Electric Scooter

URB-E Folding Electric ScooterAre you looking for a unique lightweight folding bike which looks like it has just landed on your front yard from the future? Yes, URB-E features a futuristic frame which, although, is enough to attract the onlookers, it also comes with a fully-functional design to guarantee highest performance standards.

The bike is entirely constructed in America and proudly stands among the most capable electric folding bikes on the market today. Starting with the frame first, the manufacturer has used aircraft-grade aluminum in its construction so that it is not just lightweight but also exceptionally durable. Of course, the frame is also easily foldable to take a compact shape that promotes storage and transportation. The 1 year warranty on the product is quite sufficient to confirm its durable construction.

With the power of its 350-watts built-in motor and 10” pneumatic tires, it can take you up to a high speed of 17 mph and cover a range of 20 miles with absolute ease. The motor of the bike run on superior 36V lithium-ion batteries which will take only about 2 to 3 hours to complete the charge of the batteries after which your bike is good to go. Weighing only 35 pounds, the product has the capability to support any rider weighing up to 250 pounds.

You will also find a bunch of convenient extras including a USB charging port so that you can keep your smart devices charged even when you are on the go.


The model is very pricey when you compare it to most of the regular lightweight folding bikes.
The smaller size of the wheels means that it cannot perform well on rugged terrain.

#3. Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike

Montague Paratrooper Folding BikeMontague has established an invincible reputation among cyclists all over the world. It is known for the quality components that it uses in the construction of its bikes and Paratroop Express is no different. Available with a reasonable price tag, the model comes in 3 different frame sizes to select from depending on the height of the rider.

Paratrooper Express features a sturdy build with a lightweight frame that is custom-made using 7005 series aluminum. Of course, the full-sized, sturdy frame can also be folded up conveniently to give it a shape that can fit anywhere and be carried to any place you wish to take it. The DirectConnect Folding system of the bike features a quick lever release for convenient folding and unfolding.

One of the biggest advantages of using the bike comes from its wide 26” wheels for a stable and versatile riding experience and also the 18-speed gearing system equipped with shimano derailleurs for simpler speed transitions for the rider. The wider wheels are additionally supported by 1.95” thick Kenda tires to provide just the right traction on surfaces where it’s needed most.

To support the high-standard mechanics of the bike, it includes Tektro Alloy V-Brake which make confident braking guaranteed. For the comfortable ride that bike prides itself in, you have the flat bar handle design with back sweep and cushioned seat-post to thank for. Of course, the unique air-force color that the bike comes in also gives it an edge over many other lightweight folding bike models.


  • The model is very pricey.
  • The frame can rust easily if not maintained carefully.

#4. CQCY FR100 Folding Mountain Bike

CQCY FR100 Folding Mountain BikeIf you have a taste for unique design to turn some heads when you cruise on the road, you will love what this model has to offer. Not only does it come in a very unique and contemporary design but also supports versatile and fast riding to impress the expert riders. The aluminum frame gives it strength and durability while keeping the weight down to a minimum.

The frame also includes a Cyrusher XCM Lockout suspension fork to allow a stable and smooth ride and features a foldable design for compact storage and simpler transportation. The bike folds up within seconds in just 3 simple steps and without the need for any tools.

Putting the bike together before beginning to ride it isn’t a problem since it already comes almost ready and whatever is left can be put together without seeking any professional assistance. Besides the solid build and the convenient design, the operation of the bike is also commendable since it features 26” wide wheels and thick 1.95” tires and double mechanical disc brakes for a braking action that’s much more reliable than the usual brakes.

M310 ALTUS 24-Speed gearing gives it speed like no other and the ability to ride effortlessly on inclined or rough surfaces. Shimano 24TZ freewheel adds to the performance that the product demonstrates on the road. Even with all of its interesting features and a unique frame design, the product weighs just about 600 ounces which shouldn’t be too hard to handle in places where you will need to haul it.


  • You can find lighter folding bikes out there.
  • The bike is only available in one size.

5. EuroMini ZiZZO Lightweight Foldable Bike

EuroMini ZiZZO Lightweight Foldable BikeIf you are looking for a cheap yet lightweight and high-performance folding bike, here one available in under $200 which you must consider for selection. No wonder it’s among the best selling folding bikes on Amazon. Built entirely in the US, this bike comes with a lightweight frame made of aluminum which can be folded up within half a minute to take a compact shape so that you may carry it along with you anywhere you go instead of leaving it out in the street.
Alloy V-brakes present at the front section and at the back of the bike are, although, lightweight but make up a reliable braking system for the bike while the Shimano gearing with 7 speeds is built into the handlebar for simpler access for the rider. In addition Shimano Tourney derailleur makes it simpler to transition between the speeds as compared to many other bikes.

2” Wanda tires on 20” wheels allow good hold on the ground and a comfortable off-road experience. The purpose of the steel fork integrated into the frame is also to guarantee a smooth and comfortable ride.

Furthermore, the bike is highly customizable according to the height and riding style of every rider with adjustable and collapsible handlebar and adjustable seat-post. The bike also includes water bottle mounts, reflectors and kickstand, weighs only 28 lbs and comes 99% assembled so that you simply have to attach a pedal and it’s good to go. You will also find an attachment point where your rear rack will go if you feel, later on, that you need one.


  • Speed choices are restricted.
  • 20” wheels are smaller than most of the others which does not make it the best choice for off-road riding.

6. Xspec Lightweight Folding Compact Bike

Xspec Lightweight Folding Compact BikeEven cheaper than EuroMini ZIZZO, this is another lightweight folding bike with a high tensile steel frame that will take just seconds to fold nicely and be packed away in a closet for storage or in a car trunk for being carried away. The built-in latches make it easier to fold and unfold the bike without asking for any outside assistance. Besides the frame, the pedals are also folding to give the bike even more of a compact shape when packed.

The alloy wheels installed in the unit are 20” wide and are reinforced with 1.75” road tires which offer a good level of performance on rough terrains. The V-brakes are made of steel for a superior stopping ability of the lightweight folding bike where it’s needed most. You will also appreciate the Shimano shifter with rear derailleur which comes with a choice of 7 speeds to select from.

Furthermore the customizability that the lightweight folding bike offers with adjustable seat-post and adjustable handlebar makes it capable of supporting any rider with height between 5 feet and 6 feet. Thanks to the solid frame, it can also support any rider weighing below 220 lbs.

Additionally, the bike itself weighs around 36 lbs and comes in a stylish design and 3 elegant color options to choose from depending on your style and preferences. You will also find a bunch of useful extras on the bike such as rear rack for carrying your belongings and fenders for protecting your bike against mud splashes from the road.


  • The bike comes only partially assembled.
  • The weight is higher than that of many other lightweight folding bikes.

7. Dahon Mu Uno Lightweight Folding Bike

Dahon Mu Uno Lightweight Folding BikeIf you are looking for one of the lightest folding bikes available in the market and are willing to compromise on speed, this is just the model for you. To maintain the weight down to a mere 22 lbs, which is among the lightest folding bikes we have come across, the manufacturer has excluded the gearing and some other features which may not be required by many riders. With the absence of shifters and cables, not only is the bike’s weight easily manageable, but it is also much simpler to ride on urban roads.

Although the weight of the bike is low, its frame is strong and durable and is constructed out of 7005 butted aluminum alloy. The frame is also equipped with Dahon’s patented SlipStream aluminum fork for a smooth ride throughout your journey. The quick release frame hinge makes it simple and fast to fold and unfold the bike. You should also be aware that the folded size is a lot smaller than that of most lightweight folding bikes which makes it easier for you to store it in small spaces.

To add to the simple design, dual-pivot caliper brakes and brake lever makes it much easier and reliable to stop the bike at any time. The tires installed on the 20” wheels are 1.5” thick which are quite sufficient considering that the bike is already designed for use on flat urban roads only.

The seat-post comes with an integrated pump so you wouldn’t need to buy one separately and supports any riders weighing less than 230 lbs and between heights 4’ 8” and 6’ 4”. While the frame, fork and handlepost is warranted for 5 years, the remaining components are warranted for a period of 2 years.


  • It is not possible to ride at high speeds.
  • The bike is not meant for off-road riding.

Where can these bikes be used?

Lightweight folding bikes are generally designed for city dwellers but they may also support off-road riding to some extent depending on what model you select and the kind of gearing and tires it features in the design.

You will need to choose a suitable lightweight folding bike which supports the kind of riding you would prefer. If you only ride on smooth, flat road around the city, a bike with small to medium tires should work fine.

If, however, you ride in areas with wider range of terrains, you are better off choosing a foldable bike with large tires of up to 26”. These varieties of lightweight folding bikes will support city riding as well as that on rough or inclined terrains.

Carbon fiber for lightweight folding bikes

Technology is ever evolving, no matter which industry you consider. Same is the case for the bike industry. Manufacturers are continuously coming up with new ways to lower the weight and raise the performance. One major breakthrough in these efforts is the use of carbon-fiber for the construction of these lightweight folding bikes.

The use of carbon for the construction of the frame decreases the weight of the bike even further and makes it much easier to handle. Although these bikes are generally more expensive than the usual varieties of lightweight folding bikes, they are incredibly simple to maneuver.

You may find it hard to believe, but some carbon lightweight folding bikes will weigh as low as 14 lbs! When compared to a regular bike, weighing around 37lbs, you can easily imagine how convenient it will be to handle.


Now that you understand what lightweight folding bikes are all about and also that they are light on the pocket, why not bring out the lost cyclist in you and explore the world on two wheels! Here is a little fact to boost your cycling enthusiasm:

Cycling for a mere 30 minutes at a speed of 12 mph, you burn about 346 calories.

See how simple it is to stay fit! Simple because with these latest lightweight folding bikes, you won’t be wasting much effort handling the heavy load of the bike itself. Enjoy the landscape around you and take pleasure in the comfortable ride while also burning loads of calories in the process; what more could one want?

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