10 Best Folding Mountain Bike Reviews 2019

If you want a simple and inexpensive means to ride through urban and rural terrains, the folding mountain bike is exactly what you will be needing. Not only will it prove the cheapest and eco-friendly means for commuting to work on a daily basis, you will also treasure taking it out for leisure riding on the weekends. Of course, the foldable frame of these best folding mountain bikes make them incredible simple to handle and to store even when living in a small apartment.

Although the good foldable mountain bikes can prove pretty resourceful, a poorly constructed one won’t offer as many benefits. We wouldn’t wish for you to pay for something you won’t even find useful. Out of the tons of manufacturers and brands that are there for folding mountain bikes, only a handful are worth putting your money on. To help you make a worthwhile choice, we have searched far and wide for the most durable, practical and user-friendly designs of folding mountain bikes.

Best Folding Mountain Bikes in Summary

Folding Mountain Bike Reviews

#1. Stowabike MTB V2 Folding Mountain Bike

Stowabike MTB V2 Folding Mountain BikeV2 is a highly advanced folding mountain bike model by Stowabike which comes in a sleek black/green exterior with a 26 inch steel frame which can be folded up for compact storage. The durable 26” wheels have 1.95” Wanda tires over them which makes it possible to take the bike out for leisure riding on rough terrain. It is not only built for leisure riding but for daily commuting as well and the 18-speed gear with Shimano Derailleur and dual suspension fork will surely help that purpose.

Additionally, the saddle makes it easier to take it out on the mountains while the kickstand helps you park it anywhere you wish. Along with a comfortable saddle, the rubber grips make it easier to ride the folding mountain bike for long distances. To add to the superior features, the steel v-brakes give a responsive braking performance to your ride. This folding mountain bike can easily support a maximum weight of 177 lbs and will, itself, weigh about 38.5 lbs which won’t be very hard to handle.

#2. Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike

Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain BikeAlthough a bit more expensive than the usual folding mountain bikes that are out there, it features a premium quality which will prove easier to ride and to handle, and will last a lot longer than most other models. The frame is 17 inches and made out of aluminum alloy which is not only stronger but also lightweight for you to handle.

Adding to its user-friendly design, aluminum suspension forks make it much less difficult for you to ride through rugged terrains where the folding mountain bike will absorb most of the bumps from the road. The bike features a superior 24-speed Shimano Shifter for greater versatility for off-road cruising and greater speeds on flat surfaces and additionally, includes a responsive braking system with front and rear disc brakes. Furthermore, the unique 26” wheels are reinforced with 1.95” Chaoyang tires to make riding easier through most kinds of terrains.

You will also find the model quick and simple to fold using the Quick Release Clamp that it available in the design and since the product already comes 90% assembled, you won’t have to waste much of your time putting the pieces together.

#3. Camp Alloy Folding Mountain Bike

Camp Alloy Folding Mountain BikeHere is another strong and durable folding mountain bike designed especially for daily commuters who also like to take their bike out on the mountains for some fun. The 26” frame is made from aluminum which is strong but lightweight to handle. Of course, since it’s a folding mountain bike, the frame can be folded using the built-in folding pedals to give it a compact shape for simple storage. The bike also features a 26” suspension fork to absorb the bumps and guarantee a smooth ride for everyone.

Besides the attractive frame with a resourceful design, the 21-speed Shimano gear gives it versatility to ride on most types of paths while the disc brakes made with aluminum alloy equipped with CNC side rims provide a strong stopping power whenever you may need it. Also, the front wheel quick release makes it easier to install and remove the wheels.

The product comes 90% assembled and will take only seconds to attach the front wheel and to begin enjoying a wonderful riding experience. The detailed user manual will further help you out with the installation and other things related to the folding mountain bike. The product is available in 4 different color options and weighs around 38 lbs which shouldn’t be too hard to handle.

#4. Montague Paratrooper Foldable Mountain Bike

Montague Paratrooper Foldable Mountain BikeFor those who are in need of a premium folding mountain bike model for an ultimate riding experience, Paratrooper from Montague will not just fulfill your expectations but offer a lot more. As is Montague wasn’t already a leading name in the mountain bike manufacturers, this model by the company features the original design which was developed through a grant from DARPA for soldiers for taking into the battlefield after they were dropped from helicopters. You will achieve some idea regarding their durability and quality from this small background.

Besides durability and quality, the bike features 24 speeds for an enhanced performance on flat ground, inclined slopes or rugged terrains. The front suspension fork protects the rider from all the bumps and jolts by absorbing them in itself while the mechanical disc brakes provide a stopping ability better than any other folding mountain bike can offer. Additionally, there are 26” wheels on the bike and thick, 2.1” Kenda tires to ride smoothly through the roughest terrains.
To add to the functional design, the folding mountain bike features a rackstand where you are going to keep all your stuff safe while riding it. You will also get a 1 year warranty on the parts by the manufacturer with the purchase of the product.

5. Xspec Folding Mountain Bike for Adult

Xspec Folding Mountain Bike for AdultSince it features a much more affordable price tag as compared to the high-end folding mountain bikes in the market and a sturdy and functional design, it is no wonder amongst the top selling models on Amazon. Xspec features a strong steel frame which can fold for storing it compactly. It also features an advanced suspension system which includes shock absorbers at the front end and back end of the vehicle for absorbing shocks and maintaining a jolt-free ride.

Additionally, the bike features superior disc brakes instead of the regular v-brakes installed in the standard bikes. This advanced braking system will produce more accurate and reliable braking results in all road conditions. The bike can support riders weighing up to 220 lbs and includes a 21-speed Shimano gear system for easier riding on hilly terrains and faster performance on flat ground. It also includes 26” diamond wheels to add to the excellent riding ability. Additionally, the folding mountain bike comes in 3 contemporary colors and weighs around 42 lbs which isn’t going to be very hard for the riders to handle.

6. Stowabike Folding City V3 Compact Bike

Stowabike Folding City V3 Compact BikeHere is another inexpensive folding mountain bike model from Stowabike which deserves a place in this list since it has a sturdy build and features a convenient foldable frame to place it among the best commuter bikes. The 20” frame of this folding bike is made with steel for strength and durability and can easily be folded up for storage in a compact space.

Furthermore, the 6-speed Shimano shifter that the bike uses may not be as versatile as many of the other folding mountain bikes on this list but does a good job when commuting in urban settings. The bike uses a steel suspension fork to give a comfortable ride and v-brakes made of steel for a reliable braking performance.

Some additional features which you’ll find attractive are kickstand, steel mudguards, carrying rack and adjustable seat. The comfortable seat can be adjusted between 23.5 to 35.5 inches in height to accommodate cyclists of dissimilar heights. As for the rider weight, it can support anyone below 176 lbs while the folding mountain bike itself weighs just around 37.5 lbs.

7. ZOYO Folding Mountain Bike

ZOYO Folding Mountain BikeIf you are looking for an affordable yet stylish and functional folding mountain bike, this model will live completely up to your expectations. The white and black steel frame is not only strong and built to last but also foldable in design so that the bike may be stored in compact spaces or transported easily. The 21-speed Shimano gear shifter of this folding mountain bike has a Rear Derailleur for an enhanced riding performance on flat as well as hilly terrains.

The bike weighs just about 33 lbs and can carry anyone below 165 lbs. Also, the handlebars and seat are both adjustable so that you may adjust your riding position to suit your height and your preferences. Additionally, the wider 26” wheels make the folding mountain bike easier to ride around the city and also on hilly terrains.
The bike, additionally, has a kickstand to make the design more functional and includes v-brakes which will offer a good braking performance regardless of the road conditions. Since the bike comes almost assembled, you will have no problem putting the remaining pieces together and it will take about 15 minutes to get the folding mountain bike ready for an adventure.

8. Murtisol Folding Mountain Bikes

Murtisol Folding Mountain BikesDespite being the cheapest folding mountain bike on this list, it features a sleek and lightweight frame and offers a superior riding performance. The bike features a strong blue and white frame and a dual suspension to make the ride more stable even in all kinds of road conditions.

Besides the full suspension fork, the V-brakes offer a reliable braking performance while the flexible Shimano shifter with Derailleur makes it easier to ride on flat ground as well as uphill. The superior quality drivetrain also has a major role to play in the comfortable riding experience that the folding mountain bike offers you with.

You will appreciate how easily the frame folds and turns into a compact shape for being stored or transported in a trunk. Additionally, the seat is adjustable to accommodate riders between heights 5’1”to 5’9”. Also the sturdy frame can handle a rider weight of up to 220 lbs without a problem. Furthermore, the non-slip tire provides enhanced traction on the ground and prevent your folding mountain bike from slipping even on wet surfaces. Overall, you will love everything that this foldable bike has to offer at such low a price.

9. Shimano Folding Mountain Bike

Shimano Folding Mountain BikeAvailable in a sleek, black folding frame made from durable steel, this is a folding mountain bike which is not only built to last but will also offer an enjoyable riding experience for daily commuters as well as leisure riders. Besides the sturdy frame and a stylish look, it also offers a steel fork to absorb road shocks and give a trouble-free riding experience on rough terrains as well.

The frame is simple to assemble and folds easily within a few seconds to take a compact shape which you can easily store in tight spaces. You will also find that the seat and the handlebar is adjustable so that it may suit the rider’s height and riding style perfectly.

Additionally, the bike provides a good riding performance on all sorts of surfaces since it has 6-speed Shimano shifter and Derailleur. Furthermore, the rear and front V-brakes make it easier to stop the folding mountain bike and the side kickstand makes it easier to park. Additionally, the bike weighs only 36 lbs which makes it effortless to haul through tight spaces while the mudguard that’s present protects the frame from water and dirt.

10. Montague Paratrooper PRO Folding Mountain Bike

Montague Paratrooper PRO Folding Mountain BikeHere is another premium folding mountain bike models by Montague which is designed for professional riders to enjoy an outstanding off-road riding experience. The bike has a solid frame which takes only seconds to fold into a very compact shape and does not require any sorts of tools for the process.

Also, the suspension fork installed on it is better than that on most and will deliver a smooth cycling experience through the toughest of terrains. Together with all the other superior features, the bike also offers superior mechanical disc brakes instead of the standard v-brakes on most folding mountain bikes. Furthermore, the 27-speed shifter allows a range of different speeds to pick among rather than what’s offered by most other folding mountain bikes which makes the ride more versatile and simple to ride on different terrains.

Besides the great cycling performance offered by the folding mountain bike, it also offers a bunch of extras to enhance the convenience of the rider such as the kickstand, cargo rack and mudguard. It is also among the very few folding mountain bikes which include a valid warranty of 1 year from the manufacturer.

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