10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2019 – Comprehensive Guide

A folding exercise bike is similar to an indoor cycling bike used for exercising. While indoor cycling bikes will suit someone who has room for a gym corner in the house, a best folding exercise bike is designed for those who live in small spaces. Since these people may not find it feasible to station gym equipment permanently in their rooms due to lack of space, they may like the idea of a best foldable exercise bike which folds up after use and can be stored away out of sight. A folding exercise bike does not compromise on the quality of work out though.

Read through our folding exercise bike reviews and it will help you pick the best one among the loads of varieties that are available. Following all our guidelines while picking out a folding exercise bike for yourself, you will be successful in selecting a model which suits all your requirements and your budget.

Best Folding Exercise Bikes in Summary

What are the Benefits of a Folding Exercise Bike?

Exercising is a doctor’s recommended means of staying healthy. One cannot argue with that. As for folding exercise bikes, it’s a great blessing for city dwellers who are mostly short on space and would still like to reap the benefits of cycling in the comforts of home. Here are some of the benefits that a folding exercise bike offers you:

Space Saving

The major reason why more and more customers nowadays are picking folding exercise bikes over stationary bikes is the space-saving design on which it is built. A folding exercise bike can easily be folded up after use and stored away under your bed or inside a cupboard so that it does not come in the way. It is ideal for people living in small apartments or dorms who will not find the space to keep a non-folding exercising tool in their rooms.


Since folding exercise bikes are available in lots of different varieties, you will also find a good one for every budget. Also, do note that these folding exercise bikes are, in general, much more affordable as compared to the bigger, indoor stationary bikes. They are, therefore, a very affordable means of staying healthy and active.

Easy to Use

What also makes them a favorite pick of many health enthusiasts is that you do not have to cycle around the town or hit the gym to work out. You can enjoy the same benefits from the comforts of your own home.

Music Support

Another reason for being such a big hit is that many newer models of folding exercise bikes offer support for music. You can connect your iPad, phone or tablet to the folding exercise bike and enjoy music while working out. You will start enjoying your workout sessions much more once you have your favorite tunes with it.


A great majority of the folding exercise bikes offer different resistance levels for the user to work out with. This allows a more versatile form of exercising to keep your interest and also to support different experience levels of users from beginners to experts.

Folding Exercise Bike Reviews

#1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Exercise BikeThis model is a popular choice of customers and among the most widely selling folding exercise bikes on Amazon. The bike is simple to get on and get off, comfortable to use and can support up to 300 lbs of user weight which is considerably higher than what most exercise bikes will offer. It also includes all the advanced features that will support your workout including a large monitor which will display useful information such as distance traveled, time elapsed, speed, calories burned and your pulse.

The bike has the capability to accommodate users between 5’3” to 6’1” because of its adjustable frame. Also, the large cushioned seat makes sure that all sizes of users can sit comfortably even when exercising for long durations.

Transportation wheels make the bike conveniently portable while the foldable frame allows it to be easily folded up into half its actual size so that it becomes easier to store the unit. The 8 level magnetic resistance allows you to set the difficulty level of your workout while ensuring a quiet operation during all levels.


  • This is an entry-level folding exercise bike and is not suitable for intense workout.
  • The resistance pad can show wear and tear over time.

#2. FitDesk Folding Exercise Bike

FitDesk Folding Exercise BikeOne of the most sturdy and durable structures that you will find among folding exercise bike is this model by FitDesk. Using components of the highest quality standards, the folding exercise bike gives a reliable performance for years to come. The operation is quiet and the machine uses twin belt for operation and a high speed flywheel to offer optimal resistance to generate optimal workouts for the users.

What makes this bike truly unique is the fact that it allows multitasking. This folding exercise bike features a built-in tablet holder with massage rollers for your arms so that you may use it comfortably while exercising. The model also features a digital display which helps you keep track of your performance by displaying information on distance, speed, time, calories and more.

The seat is highly adjustable to carry users between 4’10” to 6’1” while the included backrest allows comfortable workout for all. Also, the sturdy build of the machine allows any user below 300 lbs to use it with ease. Furthermore, the unique ‘Quick Lock’ folding frame becomes a compact shape upon being folded and includes wheels that will make transportation easier.


  • The digital display is positioned behind the tablet holder making it a bit difficult to read.
  • Some users may not find the massage rollers comfortable.

#3. Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise BikeHere is another best seller on Amazon that is recommended for cardio workout. It comes in a heavy-duty, white, 14-gauge frame which is built to last and offer a stable platform for your workouts. The addition of an adjustable seat and adjustable foot straps on the pedals make the unit quite accommodating for a larger range of users between heights 5’1” to 6’ 3”. The weight limit offered by this folding exercise bike, however, is 250 lbs.

The unit offers magnetic resistance with 8 preset levels to choose from in order to simulate different intensities of workout. With this tool, you can also conveniently track your progress with the use of the LCD panel that’s included. It will display mileage, speed, time and calories burned to motivate you to exercise harder.

The rubberized feet of the frame prevents it from scratches no matter how roughly you use it or how often you transport it while the foldable frame allows it to adopt a compact shape when the machine is not in use and simple to store away without coming in your way.


  • Weight limit is lower than that on most other folding exercise bikes.
  • This is an entry-level exercise bike, not suitable for intense workouts.

#4. Exerpeutic Gold Foldable Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Gold Foldable Exercise BikeIf you want one of the strongest folding exercise bikes, you will not find a better option that this model which features a heavy-duty steel frame capable of carrying a maximum user weight of 400 lbs. In addition to a sturdy frame, the bike is also adaptable to your fitness level with the use of magnetic resistance featuring 8 different levels of resistance to use.

In addition to offering a good lower body workout, the unit does not take up much space at all since it folds up conveniently when not in use and acquires half the original size. The compact structure can then be stored up easily wherever you want to. The comfortable seat is adjustable to accommodate users between the heights of 5’1” and 6’5”.

The sleek folding exercise bike also makes it very convenient to track all kinds of information regarding your workout including your distance, speed, time, pulse, scan and also odometer. It will, additionally, tell you the calories you have burned so far so that you are motivated even more into exercising regularly.


  • The display will not show all the information on a single screen.
  • The transportation wheels are not very efficient.

5. ProGear Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike

ProGear Folding Magnetic Exercise BikeOne of the most lightweight and cheapest folding exercise bikes in the market that you will love riding is this model by ProGear. It features a quiet and stable high resistance workout with the help of dual transmission flywheel and a magnetic tension control which allows you to switch between 8 different resistance levels.

The compact structure and the folding design makes the storage easier while the large LCD screen allows you to note your progress in terms of calories burned, distance covered, speed, scan and time. Furthermore, it also displays your pulse at all times.

The seat includes sufficient cushioning for the comfort of all users while it’s adjustable design makes sure that any user between the heights of 5’1” and 6’ can use the equipment comfortably. The leg stabilizer is adjustable while the large pedals of the bike include adjustable straps for easier usage of the tool. Adding to these handy extras, the folding exercise bike also includes an easily accessible accessory holder where you can store your phone while exercising and transportation wheels to enhance the portability of the unit.


  • The weight limit of 220 lbs is much lower than what most of the other models offer.
  • The model does not feature a tablet holder.

6. XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

XTERRA Fitness Folding Exercise BikeAnother one of the well-liked folding exercise bike models in the market is this one by Xterra Fitness. Although it comes at a very reasonable price, it features a strong frame which folds up quickly to take a compact shape suitable for storage. The convenient transportation wheels, further, make it easier to move around once the unit is folded up. The large, padded seat is accompanied by a padded backrest for a comfortable and supported workout of your lower body.

The user-friendly LCD screen makes it easier to track all information regarding your workout including the distance, speed, calories burned, pulse and time. It makes use of the same standard 8-level magnetic resistance to adjust the resistance level for your workout depending on your skills. Despite the optimal resistance given by this folding exercise bike, the operation is quiet and smooth for you to enjoy.

Among the convenient extras, there is an accessible accessory pocket where you can store your smartphone or other essentials while working out.


  • No preset workout programs are included.
  • The padding is softer than usual and may de-shape over time.

7. Xspec Indoor Foldable Exercise Bike

Xspec Indoor Foldable Exercise BikeAvailable in 4 colors, here is another sturdy folding exercise bike which you can get at a reasonable price. The stainless steel frame can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs while the foldable design makes it easier to fold it up and store in compact spaces.

The height of the seat is adjustable which accommodates a larger range of heights as compared to many other bikes. While the bike can support all users between 4’10” and 5’9”, the comfortable padding on the seat makes it easier to enjoy the workout instead of considering it a burden.

Furthermore, the magnetic tension control system makes it simple to adjust the resistance offered by the machine to 8 different levels so you may enjoy an easier or a more difficult workout based on your skill level.

The monitor displays your progress at all times and the ergonomic handlebars measure and display your pulse rate so that you are always up-to-date regarding your performance. Among these convenient extras, you will also find adjustable foot straps so that you may maintain a stable posture while exercising.


  • The weight limit offered by the bike is considerably lower than what one might expect.
  • The product does not include a warranty.

8. L Now Indoor Exercise Cycling Bike

L Now Indoor Exercise Cycling BikeD600 by L Now features a unique design and a heavy-duty structure which allows high resistance workout for the users. The structure stands on portable wheels which make it easier to move the equipment around inside the house. The mechanism is smooth and exceptionally quiet so that you may listen to music or talk on your phone while working out.

The sturdy steel frame includes a knob for adjusting the resistance while working out while 22 lbs flywheel makes your workout session smoother than what you would expect. There is also a superior quality brake pad included in the design which allows you to stop the bike at once with the press of the resistance knob.

The folding exercise bike also includes some very convenient extras including an adjustable seat, adjustable handlebars, pedals with adjustable straps to prevent slipping and a convenient bottle holder so you may quench your thirst any time during the workout without even stepping off the bike. You will also appreciate the presence of the informative monitor which helps you keep track of your pulse, calories burned, time and distance while exercising.


  • The calorie meter with the unit does not provide very accurate information.
  • The monitor does not include backlight which makes it harder to read it at nighttime.

9. Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Exercise Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Exercise BikePricing under $100, it is probably the cheapest folding exercise you will come across in the market. Despite offering such a cheap price tag, it does not fail to provide all of the advanced features that you will be looking for. The stylish, pink frame is foldable for compact storage and can easily be rolled away anywhere you would like to take it since it includes transportation wheels.

Additionally, the comfortable, large seat is also adjustable so that user finds it easy to use regardless of his or her height. There is also a back support for ensuring even more comfort of the user during the workout. You will also appreciate that the design includes adjustable foot pedals to ensure the user’s stable footing on the bike. The foldable exercise bike uses magnetic resistance to adjust the resistance between 8 different levels.

Keeping track of your progress is just as easy with this model as with any of the other advanced folding exercise bikes. You will find an easily readable LCD monitor on the front side which displays information relating to your distance, time, scan, speed and calories burned.


  • The seat is not as comfortable as it is for many other bikes.
  • The structure is a bit unstable due to the unusually narrow and tall design of the frame.

10. Exerpeutic Folding Recumbent Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Recumbent BikeAnother strong and sturdy folding exercise bike that you will find at an affordable price is this one. It is a semi-recumbent bike which features an exceptionally quiet operation since it makes use of a double-drive transmission system with V-belt. Also, it includes a magnetic resistance system adjustable to 8 different levels and a balanced flywheel for accuracy.

The design of the bike makes it simple to get on it and start exercising and just as simple to get off it when you are done. The comfortable, large seat is supported with a backrest to allow you to exercise comfortably all the while that you are on the bike. Just like any other modern exercise bike, the seat is also adjustable to suit users with different heights. As for the maximum weight, the solid frame manages to set a weight limit of 300 lbs which is more than what typical bikes have to offer.

The handlebars include hand pulse sensors while the LCD monitor will display all the vital information regarding your workout including distance, time, speed, pulse, scan and calories burned. The unit is easily foldable when not in use and can be transported on wheels to any location you want.


  • Does not offer intense workout.
  • Not suitable for very tall users.

A Guide for Purchasing Folding Exercise Bike First Time

Once you have learned about all the benefits of a folding exercise bike, we are sure you will have made up your mind to purchase it. So what’s the wait? Let’s have a look at everything that needs to be considered to select the right folding exercise bike for you.

Stable Structure

The primary factor that you need to worry about is whether or not the folding exercise bike that you are about to purchase has a stable structure. A folding frame should not mean that it is made up of low-quality material and compromises on the sturdiness and stability of the bike. To be able to use it properly and regularly and to achieve the same benefits as that of a conventional stationary bike, you need to make sure that the folding exercise bike has a solid frame and a stable structure. Since it is hard to judge the sturdiness of the bike through its specifications or its pictures, read a bunch of customer reviews to see if the structure is strong enough to use regularly for some hard-core workout.

Recumbent vs Conventional

Another factor you need to think about is whether you would like a standard folding exercise bike or a recumbent folding bike. A standard or a conventional folding exercise bike gives you a much closer experience to cycling on the road and allows a more intense workout while also offering more benefits.
A recumbent folding bike is, however, more suited for the elderly or those suffering from back pain as it allows a gentler riding experience. Other than featuring a lower seat for a more comfortable riding position, it also offers better cushioning and back protection.

Fitness Level

Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the fitness level that you are at. Not all folding exercise bikes are designed for the same fitness levels of users. Some are designed specifically for beginners while others are more suited for experts.

If you want something that is not too hard to ride and is more suited for you as a beginner, you will like a low-impact folding exercise bike or a recumbent folding bike. An upright bike which features a stronger resistance level will be more suited for those who are looking for some serious riding experience from the comforts of home.

Resistance Level

Here is a technical term that you will find quite often when searching for a folding exercise bike. The type of resistance that your folding exercise bike includes, in turn, determines the level of workout that it will offer. Each bike is designed differently and offers a different type of resistance. Here are some of the major types of resistance levels that you will come across when shopping for a folding exercise bike.

Magnetic Resistance:

Magnetic Resistance

The most common type of resistance that you will come across is magnetic resistance. These types will offer resistance to the users with the use of magnets in the design of the bike. Bikes with magnetic resistance are easier to maintain and more durable as compared to most others. Since they are also quiet in operation, they are a popular choice of riders who like listening to music or watching tv while pedaling. On the downside, however, a folding exercise bike with magnetic resistance may not offer a very hard-core riding experience that an expert rider may be looking for.

Friction Resistance:

Friction Resistance

If you are in the mood for a more serious workout, you should be selecting a folding exercise bike with friction resistance. Brakes are included in these bikes to control the level of resistance that is offered to the rider. These brakes are capable of providing high levels of resistance which allows for a stronger workout. On the downside, these bikes do require a bit more maintenance as compared to the magnetic resistance bikes since the brake pedals will need to be checked regularly for proper functionality. Also, do keep in mind that these brakes will produce some noise while you ride so you may not be able to enjoy music.

Fan-based Resistance:

Fan-based Resistance

Bikes that use fan-based resistance include a large fan that is placed in front of the rider to generate resistance for him or her. As the rider pedals faster, the blades of the fans rotate faster and create more resistance which is quite similar to the idea of air resistance when you ride outdoors. It also offers the added benefit of keeping the surroundings cool, especially in the summers. This type of resistance is the most preferred option for expert riders because of the realistic style of air resistance it provides but does raise the price of the equipment considerably.

Flywheel Resistance:

Flywheel Resistance

Flywheel resistance is not very popular since it comes with a large flywheel to create resistance for the riders. The presence of this additional large structure increases the weight considerably and makes it inconvenient for use, especially in homes. With the development of more practical types of resistances, flywheel resistance is becoming obsolete.

Height Adjustments

A folding exercise bike which includes height adjustability in the design will be able to accommodate riders with a wider range of heights. A shorter or taller rider will also be able to ride the bike comfortably after adjusting the height.

Some folding exercise bikes will only offer an adjustable seat while others will also allow adjustments for pedals and handlebars. A folding exercise bike which offers more adjustability will allow all riders with varying heights and body types to find the perfect adjustment for themselves resulting in a more comfortable workout.

Weight Limit

Do, also, remember to check the weight limit offered for the folding exercise bike. This factor is especially a consideration if the rider is overweight. You must ensure that the bike will easily be able to accommodate your weight or that of whoever is supposed to ride on the equipment. Some cheaper models will only be able to accommodate riders weighing below 250 pounds while some feature much higher weight limits of around 350 to 400 pounds, depending on the model which you select for purchase.

Digital Display

Most models now come with LCD screens attached to the bike’s front which will display important information related to your workout. Some of the basic info that’s part of the display is regarding time, speed, distance traveled, heart rate and the calories you are burning. Some of the bikes will also include program selection with the digital display whereby you can recreate scenarios you encounter during an actual bike ride in terms of terrain and air resistance.


A comfortable seat is equally important when looking for a good folding exercise bike to purchase. A bike that offers a comfortable seat with sufficient padding will allow the rider to workout comfortably for a longer time. Look for a bike with a gel padded seat cover as it will offer a higher level of comfort than most of the other varieties. This, however, isn’t too big of a consideration as if all the rest of the features are appreciable, the seat can be replaced with a more comfortable one.

FAQs regarding Folding Exercise Bikes

Can a folding exercise bike be assembled easily?

In general, folding exercise bikes are designed to offer convenience and simple usage. This is exactly what makes them so popular. At the same time, they also feature a design that’s simple to fold and store. Most manufacturers take special care to ensure easy assembly of the bike so that you can start using it without much trouble. However, do make sure that the product includes clear assembly instructions and any tools that may be required during the assembly. You can also read customer reviews to find out for sure if the assembly of the bike is simple enough to handle in the long run.

How does a folding exercise bike benefit your health?

A folding exercise bike will generally offer the same health benefits as that of a stationary bike. It will help tone your body and even out any bulges around your waist and hips. Not only does it help you achieve a well-toned body and keep your weight in check, it will also elevate your mood with the low impact workout that it offers. Of course the added advantage of indoor cycling is that your progress can be tracked easily through the information that is displayed on the monitor. This, however, is not possible with cycling on the road.

How to fold and unfold a folding exercise bike?

After you have used the folding exercise bike, folding it up and storing it is very simple. Read the instructions to find out exactly how your model folds up but most of the folding exercise bike generally include 2 support poles which need to be pushed while the foldable bike is standing upright. Some may even include a locking latch so that it is better secured in the folded position.

Unfolding the bike is just as simple. Simply take the folding exercise bike to suitable open space and extend the support poles to its maximum limit. Extending it fully will ensure that the unfolded structure is stable and safe for you to exercise.

How fast can you go on a folding exercise bike?

If you want very high rotational speeds from an indoor exercise bike, that above 16 mph, you would want to invest in a stationary indoor bike since folding exercise bikes are less stable structures and may lose balance at such a high speed. Other than that, folding exercise bikes support quite sufficient speeds for effective weight loss and the speed at which it will take you generally depends on how fast you can pedal.


Investing in a good folding exercise bike is a wise decision, as you might have already figured out if you have read through the entire guide. There is no need to rush to the gym or cycle outdoors on a hot, sunny day when you can exercise from the comforts of your own home.

However, not every folding exercise bike for purchase is the right pick for you. Not every model will offer the same durability, stability and convenience that you might expect from your folding exercise bike.

Only the best folding exercise bike is going to make your workout sessions fun and hassle-free for you. So keep in mind everything you have learned here and make your choice carefully. Once you have received your perfect bike at your doorstep, set it up carefully according to the instructions and start pedaling!

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