Best Folding Electric Bike Reviews 2020

The biggest dilemma of bikers who ride to work is to reach the destination without looking all sweaty and used up. Thanks to the wonders of modern technologies which have presented us with folding electric bikes, that’s no longer an excuse not to ride to work. After riding a couple of dozen miles to your office with a full battery charge of the best folding electric bike, you can fold it up and pack it into your briefcase and walk into the building looking as smart and prim as ever. Since these folding electric bikes have completely eliminated the need for paddling or exerting your muscles there is no more fear of ruining your suit or smelling like you just stepped out of a gym class.

If you want to make commuting through the city easier, faster and effortless, what you need is a folding electric bike. You will find many models of foldable bike in the market, but not all of them will offer effortless riding, longer range, greater speeds and durability. To save you trouble and time in researching the best models, we have already prepared a list of the folding electric bike reviews for you after considering a number of important factors.

Best Folding Electric Bike Reviews

#1. Swagtron SwagCycle Folding Electric Bike

Swagtron SwagCycle Folding Electric BikeIf you’re looking for an eco-friendly yet effortless means for commuting to work, SwagCycle is the answer. The frame is made with strong yet lightweight aluminum so that you don’t mind hauling it through tight spaces. Additionally, this folding electric bike offers a 250 watts motor powered by 36V batteries which take only about 2.5 hours to completely charge after which it can easily transport you at 10 MPH and cover 10 miles. The bike is simple in style and becomes very compact when the aluminum frame is folded up. The folding frame makes it simpler to store while the digital display on its handlebar allows you to keep track of its battery life and speeds while also adjusting the headlights, acceleration and horn. Furthermore, the folding electric bike also helps keep your electronic devices charged using a built-in USB charging port to which you can plug your phone while you ride through the town. To top it all off, Swagtron also offers a 1-year warranty to back its product for any damages.


You should know that the SwagCycle folding electric bike might not be the most comfortable ride for all, especially for tall riders. Also, the design could have done much better with a longer battery life. The range is further reduced if you encounter traffic or rough terrains on the way.

#2. Ecotric Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire Folding Electric BikeThis one is truly a beast of a bike with a powerful 500 watts motor installed in it which is powered by 36 V Lithium batteries. Although the batteries will take about 7 hours to charge completely, they will stack up enough energy to allow effortless cruising through bumpy terrains or inclined hills. Besides the strong motor power, the ‘fat’ tires measuring 20” by 4” are ideal for an all-terrain experience. In addition to a 7 speed Shimano gear system which offers speed adjustments up to a maximum of 20 mph, the foldable electric bike also offers a superior braking system with disc brakes at both ends of the bike. There is also an LED display which lets you monitor the speed and other information regarding your ride. Additionally, the aluminum frame can be folded neatly into a compact structure which is suitable for storage. There is a self-locking safety hook to keep the bike securely folded up. What makes this folding electric bike unique is the fact that the batteries are sealed inside the frame to prevent any risks of theft.


In spite of the countless pros of ECOTRIC, there are a few problems which we found with the bike. Although it is designed for all terrains, the bike won’t perform very well on surfaces that are too rocky or hilly. Also, as you might have already noticed, the batteries take a bit too long to charge than the other ones in the market.

#3. Cyrusher XF770 Folding Electric Bike

Cyrusher XF770 Folding Electric BikeIf you want the best luxury riding experience without straining your muscles, here’s one for you. Even with an electric motor to power the bike, it offers the experience of a true mountain folding electric bike with exceptional 9-speed Shimano gears. The speed adjustability is smooth and simple and the maximum speed offered is a generous 30 km/h. The large capacity lithium batteries hold the energy to power its 500/250 watts motor. 48 V batteries can easily be removed from the folding bike for charging which will take about 6 hours after which your ride is ready for a long drive! Three working modes are presented in the design to allow the rider to suit his needs according to the ride while two types of brakes are offered for an ultimate braking experience no matter what the conditions may be. 500 watts will feature hydraulic brakes while 250 watts will feature disc brakes. As for the frame, 6061 aluminum alloy used in the construction gives it long-lasting performance. There is, additionally, a suspension fork for shock absorption and save the cyclist from any jolts.


Some drawbacks to its use are the longer charging time than that featured by the usual electric bikes and the slightly heavier weight which will make it somewhat tedious to haul even when folded up. Also, you will receive the bike in two parcels when you place the online order and you need to spare some time assembling it before it’s ready to be used.

#4. Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain Bike

Ancheer Folding Electric Mountain BikeBeing one of the strongest electric folding bikes on our list, it offers a frame made of powerful yet lightweight aluminum. At a reasonable price, this bike features all the quality features of one of the high-end folding electric bikes including dual shock absorption to guarantee a comfortable journey for the user and a pair of disc brakes for a receptive braking action even at the last minute upon encountering an obstacle. Furthermore, it is perfectly capable of climbing inclines with a 21-speed Shimano gear system. You can choose to ride the bike in 3 different modes depending on what suits you and the terrain best: Ebike, assisted bike and even as a normal bike. The electric system of this bike is powered by high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries which run a 250 watts motor and can take the rider at 15 mph while covering a range of over 30 miles on smooth grounds. Besides the strong motor, the smooth riding experience also comes from the 26-inch magnesium wheels which have thick tires around them for a better hold on the road and much better balance for the cyclist.


Since the product is not assembled completely for easier shipment, you’ll need to spend a little time assembling it before you can use it. Also, since the battery isn’t removable, you will need to charge it while it is still inside the folding electric bike. This feature may be a bit problematic at times.

5. Utheing Folding Electric Bike

Utheing Folding Electric Mountain Bike BicycleHere is one of the most comfortable folding electric bikes on our list which is available at a very reasonable price. The lithium-ion batteries that it features will charge up quickly and power its 250 watts motor to begin an effortless riding experience. The same batteries also power a USB charging port where you may connect your Smartphone if it’s low on charge. Confident braking is guaranteed via the 7th gear transmission by Shimano while the disc suspension forks has strong shock absorbing capabilities for ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride. Despite offering a pedal-less ride, the bike can reach up to 25km/h top speed which makes it perfect for all types of riding adventures, whether on-road or off-road. The 26” wheels that are made with aluminum alloy which are rust and dust proof. 7 modes fly-wheel will make your experience even more comfortable. Furthermore, riding is safer in the dark with the headlights that are provided in the design. With all the attractive features and a sturdy frame, the electric bike folds easily for being stored in a smaller space. There is also a 1-year warranty with the product available from its manufacturer.


The motor power is a bit weaker than most high-end folding electric bikes offer which is why the top speed is also lower than what you might have expected.

6. SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Folding Electric Bike

SwagCycle EB-5 Pro Folding Electric BikeThis is a part of the very few folding electric bikes which will come 100% pre-assembled so you are able to start riding right away without wasting time in putting tons of pieces together. The bike is suitable for all heights of riders since the handlebar as well as the seat can be adjusted to suit your requirements. Furthermore, the 14-inch wheels are equipped with air-filled tires for better traction on many kinds of surfaces while the 250 watts motor is strong enough to allow you to reach a speed of 15 MPH and cover 15 miles. You can even take the bike uphill for leisure cruising using either only pedals, only throttle or both at the same time. Thanks to the ‘autoguard technology’ that the bike incorporates in its design, you may choose to stop at the last moment knowing that the brakes will respond immediately and effectively. Additionally, not only is this folding electric bike maintenance friendly with the detachable power line but also easier to transport and store with its folding aluminum frame and collapsible stem. In short, it makes an affordable folding electric bike if you want to enjoy effortless rides to work or for leisure. Read Full Review Here.


The only drawback we found to this model was the slightly weaker motor installed in the unit which means that the speeds attained will be somewhat lower than those attained by folding electric bikes with stronger motors.

7. Miageek Folding Aluminum Electric Bike

Miageek Folding Aluminum Electric BikeA bit more expensive than SwagCycle EB-5 which was just discussed, it is still a worthy choice with an aluminum alloy frame which is strong, light and will collapse within seconds to fold your electric bike for transportation or storage. Its eco-friendly design features smart Lithium batteries which charge up in around 5 hours and will power a 250 watts motor to take the rider up to a distance of 70 km on smooth surfaces and attain a top speed of around 15 MPH. the bike features two working modes: electric and assisted. You may choose the assisted riding mode to save some power and ride long distances. You may also use the 3-speed buttons on the meter to adjust the speed of the bike. There is also a 7-speed transmission system at the back of the folding electric bike to shift the gears. Additionally, the bike will include responsive V-brakes, thick tires, front suspension fork made with carbon steel and aluminum alloy wheels to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience for all users. The product is, additionally, backed by a complete 1-year warranty by the manufacturer for complete customer satisfaction.


Just like SwagCycle EB-5, the motor power of 250 watts is a bit weaker than expected which will translate into a lower speed which might not be appreciable by some users. Also, since it will not arrive 100% assembled in the package, you will have to put in some effort putting it in place on your own.

8. Ancheer Folding Electric Bike

Ancheer Folding Electric BikeAmong the cheapest folding electric bike models which we have on our list is this one by ANCHEER which surprisingly offers a greater motor power, 350watts, than the previous two that were discussed. Not only does it offer a strong motor, but it also comes with a folding frame weighing just about 26.5 lbs to make it simpler to transport. The 36 V batteries that power the motor charge in about 3 hours and will make it possible to cover a 12-mile range and reach a top speed of 12 mph. The smart bike also supports app control so that you may adjust the speeds, lock the motor and keep a check on the mileage and run time directly through your Smartphone. The shifts in speed are simple; you just need to twist the throttle and press a button simultaneously. Additionally, the sleek exterior of this folding electric bike, shaped like a dolphin, is protected against rain with the use of IPX5 Waterproof aluminum alloy frame to ensure the durability of the device. The product, including its motor, charger and batteries, are covered by a yearlong warranty so that you may use it with full confidence without fearing any damages.


Even though the motor is stronger than many folding electric bikes, the mileage and the top speed are smaller which means you may not find it suitable for riding longer distances.

9. Shaofu Folding Electric Bike

Shaofu Folding Electric BikeHere is another cheap electric folding bikes which is sold in two color options: black and white. The design, inspired from the shape of a dolphin, is quite similar to that of the previous model by ANCHEER with a folding aluminum alloy frame which is IPX5 Waterproof to provide maximum protection in the rain. The lightweight frame will collapse easily into a compact shape to be transported inside your car trunk wherever you go. It features 36 V Lithium batteries which charge completely in 3 hours and get you going. The batteries will power 350 watts strong motor and cover 12 miles with ease. Furthermore, the top speed supported by the folding electric bike is 15.5 MPH per hour which is about the same as most high-end models will offer. Additionally, the bike will also support app control to adjust the speed, lock the motor and also maintain a close watch on the mileage so that you know when to plug it in for a recharge. All the electric parts of the bike including the motor, batteries and the UL approved charger are backed by a yearlong warranty from the manufacturer so that you may use the bike regularly without any worries.


This is a low budget folding electric bike which is best suited for smaller distances and flat surfaces. It might not be the best option if you plan on riding through the hills or rocky terrains.

10. Ecotric Beach Snow Electric Bike

Ecotric Beach Snow Electric BikeHere is another model by ECOTRIC which offers bigger tires than the ECOTRIC model listed 2nd on our list. The improved anti-skid 26” tires, as compared to 20” in the previous model, offer a comfortable off-road riding experience with this folding electric bike. Besides the stronger tires, another feature which supports riding through all conditions of the road is the strong motor of 500 watts which is powered by removable 36 V Lithium batteries. You can cruise at a top speed of a whopping 23 MPH which will literally give you the same feeling as if you were flying in thin air! The mileage of over 19 miles is just as phenomenal as the speed. You may use both, the outage braking system or the mechanical brakes for a secure stopping ability. Furthermore, you will also appreciate the LED display on the handlebar where you can keep an eye on the mileage and speed and also set a speed limit for your safety. The shipment will arrive 90% assembled so you won’t be wasting much time before you can hit the road with your new folding electric bike. Read Full Review Here.


This folding electric bike makes a great off-road electric commute except that the weight is a bit too heavy to haul, even when folded up, in areas where you cannot ride it. Also, the model is a bit pricier than most on our list which is, however, balanced by the excellent features that it offers.

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