10 Best Cycling Water Bottles Reviews 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are a cyclist, you must already know the importance of cycling water bottle in your life. Surely we speak for all the cyclists when we say: the one thing that cannot be left back when taking our bikes out for a spin is our trusty cycling water bottle! And that’s pretty much the reason why you have landed here, at this very page; you are in search for the best cycling water bottle.

A simple water bottle just wouldn’t do the job. You need something that can keep the water cool even after hours of biking on a hot day. The same cycling water bottle should be able to keep the water warm in winters. At the same, it should be easy to carry, easy to drink from and appealing to the eye.

Keep reading and you will find out everything there is to know about these cycling water bottles. Through the cycling water bottle reviews that we have so carefully put together, you will also be able to make the best possible selection from the diverse range available in stores.

Best Cycling Water Bottles in Summary

What to Consider when Buying the Cycling Water Bottle

Cycling water bottles come in several different designs, shapes, sizes and styles. Some may be insulated while others will offer no insulation. You should also keep in mind the usual climate of the area where you will ride a bike and the lengths of rides you usually undertake. Choosing the perfect cycling water bottle isn’t such a simple decision after all. Apart from the aesthetics of your cycling water bottle, which is a matter of personal preference, there are tons of other considerations when it comes to picking a great cycling water bottle. Let’s take a look at each of these considerations one by one.


The size of your cycling water bottle is very important as it will directly affect the amount of liquid you can hold inside the bottle and, therefore, the amount of liquid which you can have on the go. It’s important that the size of your cycling water bottle is big enough to hold enough liquid that will keep you hydrated through the length of your journey.

At the same time, the size needs to be able to fit perfectly in the water bottle mount installed on your bike. Some sizes will be too small while others might be larger than what the water bottle mount will find suitable. Also keep in mind that a cycling water bottle that’s insulated will hold much less than an ordinary cycling water bottle of comparable size due to the extra volume that the insulation will take up.


Another important consideration is the shape of your cycling water bottle. Other than your personal preferences for the shape of the cycling water bottle, you should be looking for something that’s simple to hold and drink from while riding. Most of the cycling water bottles, nowadays, feature an ergonomic design that will allow one-handed operation so you won’t have to stop the bike whenever you are thirsty.

You should be able to simply lift it up from the water bottle mount with one hand, open the cap with the same hand, drink from it, close it and put it back in the mount. All through this time that you are drinking from the cycling water bottle, one of your hands will still be on the bike handlebar and you will be pedaling.


There are certain things that you will need to ensure regarding the material of the cycling bike before you decide to make the purchase. Firstly, you need to consider a material that will last. You don’t want a cycling water bottle made with poor quality plastic that will de-shape after a few rides in hot weather or will crack if it experiences a fall. The material should be tough and durable, at the very least. Good quality plastic or stainless steel are both good choices when it comes to choosing the right material.

Your choice of material for your cycling water bottle must also be in compliance with the highest health standards. It should be BPA-free and FDA-approved so that you may use it for years without worrying about any adverse effect on your health.


What sets apart an ordinary water bottle and a high quality cycling water bottle is the insulation that it offers. Most of the cycling water bottles, nowadays, come with insulation to help keep water at a desired temperature no matter what the weather might be outside. However, it’s not enough to choose an insulated cycling water bottle. You do need to see what kind of insulation is offered and how well will it do its job. Most companies will offer double sidewalls with vacuum in the center to keep the water insulated.


Caps on cycling water bottles are available in a variety of designs. One thing that you need to ensure is that the cap should be easy to open and close using a single hand, or even with your mouth so you don’t need to pull over your bike before using the cycling water bottle. Together with this, the cap must also be leak-proof.

Silicone Coating

Some cycling water bottles will come with silicone coating on the interior wall to prevent the taste of water from being affected because of the plastic used to make your cycling water bottle. The silicone layer acts as a barrier between plastic and water to prevent any contamination into the water.


It’s best to choose a product which comes with a valid warranty while making any investment. Same is the case with a cycling water bottle. Different types and duration of warranties may be available with a cycling water bottle to back for any defects in the design. Some brands offer money-back guarantee which will hold for a limited duration only. Make sure that you use the cycling water bottle regularly within that period so that you may claim the warranty in case you’re not satisfied.

Cycling Water Bottle Reviews

#1. Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

Polar Bottle Insulated Water BottleThis is an insulated cycling water bottle that comes in many colors to suit your style. Since the company was the very first one to introduce insulated cycling water bottles to the world, it holds an unbeatable reputation to this day. As if the double-walled exterior wasn’t enough to keep the water from losing its temperature, the multiple foil layers will further ensure that the outside temperature doesn’t affect the water inside the bottle.

The bottle holds a capacity of 20 oz. which is quite enough to keep you hydrated throughout your ride. Additionally, the bottle can be safely washed inside a dishwasher or stored inside the freezer if you like your drinks chilled. The extra wide mouth makes it even easier to clean while also allowing the addition of ice cubes to your drink. Besides being simple to clean, the bottle is also 100% BPA-free so you can rest assured for your health while drinking from it.

Furthermore, the durable construction makes sure that the bottle will last you years while the detachable carrying strap making it easier to carry whether you are cycling or commuting on foot.


  • It is slightly higher in price as compared to many other cycling water bottles.
  • The relatively larger size won’t fit smaller water bottle mounts on bikes.

#2. CamelBak Podium Cycling Water Bottle

CamelBak Podium Cycling Water BottleCamelbak is another popular name that will pop up in your hunt for the best cycling water bottles. Available in eye-catching colors and equipped with high-quality thermal insulation, it’s no wonder that this cycling water bottle is among the best-selling models on Amazon. Featuring a capacity of 21 oz., the bottle comes with an easy-to-drink design a jet valve cap which automatically produces a tight seal to prevent any leakage or spillage of your drink. Besides, it also ensures a high water flow rate so that it is easier to drink from.

Just like any excellent cycling water bottle, this model also features a double-walled construction so that your drink remains cooler for longer even on a hot, sunny day. The material used is not just durable but also BPA-free and BPS-free to assure absolutely no adverse effects on the user’s health. The additional podium chill injected into the bottle ensures that you enjoy the taste of fresh water even after years of use without absolutely no contamination from the plastic exterior.


  • The insulation may not be as effective as that on other premium quality cycling water bottles.
  • The design is hard to clean if you are not using a dishwasher.

#3. Schwinn Bicycle Water Bottle

Schwinn Bicycle Water BottleSchwinn is already a popular name for its bikes and biking accessories and this affordable cycling water bottle and cage by the same company is well liked among customers. The sleek design of the water bottle and the remarkable features that it has to offer are commendable. Despite the lower price tag, the cycling water bottle is FDA approved and can hold a capacity of 23 ounces. Since it is made from BPA-free plastic, you can rest assured that your health is not at any risk when drinking from the bottle.

Furthermore, the ergonomic design makes it easier to hold, even when your hands are wet. The plastic material used for construction is very durable, which is quite surprising at this low a price. The lid is spill resistant and carries a wide mouth making it much easier to clean and to add ice cubes in your drink if you like it chilled. Additionally, you will find the lid extremely simple to open while you are still pedaling and the water flow rate is good enough to quench your thirst instantly.


  • There is no thermal insulation offered for this model.
  • The plastic construction of the bottle isn’t very durable.

#4. Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask Water BottleWith a simple yet function design, Hydro flask is featured in several different color options and is capable of holding a capacity of 21 oz. liquid at a time. Although the size is ideal for fulfilling your hydration requirements and will fit most water bottle mounts on bikes, you may also find the same model in 3 other sizes as well depending on your needs. The durable construction of the bottle features food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic so you needn’t worry about any adverse effects on your health even after using the same bottle for years.

The innovative TempShield insulation of the bottle offers a double-walled vacuum construction which ensures that your drinks retain their temperatures for longer, regardless of the outside weather. The wide mouth is easy to drink from and will include a carry strap attached to the lid making it easy to transport the water bottle even when you are on foot. The best part about the purchase of this water bottle is the lifelong warranty that its manufacturer grants you with.


  • It is quite expensive unlike many other cycling water bottles available in stores.
  • Use of stainless steel makes it a bit heavier than the usual plastic water bottles.

5. Travel Kuppe Cycling Water Bottle

Travel Kuppe Cycling Water BottleThis product proudly stands among the best selling cycling water bottles on Amazon. Travel Kuppe is built to last you ages with superior quality, 18/8 grade stainless steel construction and hammertone coating on the exterior which not only makes it easier to grip but also enhances its durability.

What’s even more amazing are the high standards of double-walled vacuum insulation that the bottle uses. It can hold the temperature of cold water for over two days, while hot drinks will retain their heat for at least a day.

Just like any standard cycling water bottle, it has the capacity to hold 20 oz. of liquid at a time which makes it a good size to fit in most water bottle mounts on bikes. The shape of the bottle with a gentle curve near the top makes it sit even securely inside the mount. Two varieties of lids are available in the package, straw lid and sip lid, so you may drink as you please.


  • The shorter size of the straw that comes with this cycling water bottle makes it a bit inconvenient to drink from.
  • It comes in only one color.

6. Yeti Vacuum Insulated Bottle

Yeti Vacuum Insulated BottleIf you want a sleek, durable cycling water bottle to take on your biking tours, you will not be disappointed with the package offered by Yeti. From among 10 different options, you can easily pick your favorite color and enjoy the superior features that are included. Firstly, the water bottle offers 18/8 stainless steel construction which makes it quite durable while also eliminating any chances of the unappetizing smell of plastic leaking into the drink. The colored exterior features a Duracoat which will not scratch or peel off even when used roughly for years.

One of the most appealing features of this 26 oz. cycling water bottle is the double-walled vacuum insulation which is strong enough to hold the temperature of the drink till the very last sip, as guaranteed by the company itself. The triple haul cap is leak proof and features a convenient handle on top which makes the bottle easier to carry. Additionally, with the dishwasher-safe construction of the bottle, you will find it exceptionally simple to clean.


  • The price is rather high as compared to many other cycling water bottles.
  • Pouring drinks from the bottle can be a little messy.

7. Simply Pure Purist Water Bottle

Simply Pure Purist Water BottleOne of the few reliable yet inexpensive cycling water bottles that you can safely invest in is this one. The construction is lightweight and many colors are there to choose. The material used in the construction of the water bottles are BPA-free, FDA approved and food grade so that you so you wouldn’t have to worry the least bit regarding your health. Even the printing on the water bottle is done with CPSC approved ink so that your health is reassured. At the same time, the material will also ensure that none of the unappetizing plastic taste leaches into the water.

The 22 oz. capacity of the cycling water bottle makes it capable of fitting inside most water bottle mounts on bikes while the watergate cap over it allows easy, one-handed operation, high liquid flow rate and spill-free transportation. Additionally, the wider mouth makes it easier for you to clean unlike most other water bottles. It also allows you to add ice cubes to your drink to keep them cool for longer.


  • No insulation is offered with this cycling water bottle.
  • The bottle is not as durable as the high-end stainless steel cycling water bottles.

8. Embrava Best Sports Water Bottle

Embrava Best Sports Water BottleIf you are looking for a large cycling water bottle to take with you on longer tours, this one features an impressive 32 oz capacity to effectively fulfill your hydration requirements. The water bottle features a BPA-free Tritan copolyester construction that will last long and retains the fresh taste of water even after years of use. Furthermore, the ergonomic shape of this water bottle and the additional carrying strap that it carries makes it exceptionally simple to transport it.

The lid is leak-proof and has a high flow rate of liquid to quench your thirst instantly. Furthermore, the lid over the mouthpiece also makes it dust-proof. Furthermore, the single wall design makes the bottle lighter in weight as compared to many others that are available. At the same time, it also allows you to hold a larger capacity of water in the same standard size of the bottle which is built to fit inside most water bottle mounts.

With the purchase of the water bottle, you also get free access to a resourceful pdf hydration guide which educates you on how to stay hydrated.


  • No insulation is offered with the water bottle.
  • The strap is not detachable.

9. Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water BottleThe uniqueness of this cycling water bottle lies in the long fruit infuser rod that runs all the way through the center of the water bottle. You can easily add fruits or vegetables of you liking to the infuser rod and enjoy the fruity taste that it infuses in every single drop of water that you sip from the bottle. You may even add herbs to the infuser rod for some added health benefits. The infuser rod may also be removed if you wish to use it as a regular cycling water bottle.

The bottle also comes with an insulation cover to prevent any condensation on the walls and to ensure that your drink stays fresh for longer. This insulation cover also includes a convenient carry strap which makes it simpler to carry the bottle when you are on foot. This 25 oz. cycling water bottle features an easy to use flip-top lid which can be operated with one hand. Additionally, it is spill-proof so that you can concentrate on the road while cycling rather than worrying about spilling the contents of your water bottle.

This bottle is made with BPA-free and FDA approved Eastman Tritan which makes it incredibly durable and lightweight to carry. The finger grips on the walls further makes it easier to carry. Additionally, you may make a selection among 5 different color options depending on your preferences.


  • The insulation cover is not as effective as the insulated cycling water bottles.
  • The rubber attached to lid may fall off if not taken care of.

10. Pogo Tritan Cycling Water Bottle

Pogo Tritan Cycling Water BottleAmong the cheapest varieties of cycling water bottles that you will find, this one is a preferred option. It comes in multiple color options to match your taste and among the best selling varieties that you will find on Amazon. The large capacity of 32 oz. is sufficient to keep you hydrated whenever you are out biking. Together with this, the Tritan construction of this cycling water bottle ensures that it is light enough for you to carry together with being sturdy for regular, outdoor use. Besides being BPA-free, the material used for construction is also lead, phthalates, cadmium and PVC free to prevent any adverse effects on your health.

Additionally, the chug lid on top is simple to use and offers a fast flow rate for the liquid that you have stored inside the bottle. You will also find it leak-proof so you may carry it along without creating any mess in or around your bike. Besides being the ideal shape and size to fit in most water bottle cages installed on bikes, it also features a carrying loop attached to the lid which makes it quite easy to carry the bottle by hand.


  • The cycling water bottle does not include any insulation.
  • The chug lid may be a little difficult to work with while you are pedaling.

Why do you need to stay hydrated when cycling?

Staying adequately hydrated is a major necessity of your body throughout the day, and even more so when you are exerting yourself with any form of physical exercise. Cycling is just another exercise which works your muscles and burns your calories. Besides that, it also makes you perspire. Perspiration is a byproduct of all physical activities and is even more pronounced in the summers.

Since you’re losing your bodily fluids at a faster rate during cycling, the only way to compensate for the loss is to drink more often. It will also help to know that your physical performance will be adversely affected if your body is dehydrated. Heatstroke is a quite a common occurrence of dehydration in the summers. Make sure that you are not a victim by drinking lots of fluids, especially when cycling. Take a water bottle with you, preferably a cycling water bottle, and stop to drink from it whenever you feel the need to.

Why do you need a cycling water bottle?

The importance of hydration for cyclists have already been established. The best possible solution to quench your thirst on the go is to take a cycling water bottle with you. Who will find the time or the effort to pull over at a water dispenser or a store to have a glass of water. The easiest way, therefore, is to carry your reserves with you. Here is a list of all the top reasons why, being a cyclist, you definitely need a cycling water bottle:

  • You can stay hydrated at all times, diminishing the possibilities of heatstroke or other medical conditions resulting from dehydration.
  • Cycling water bottles are the ideal size and shape to be secured to the water bottle mounts that are pre-installed on most foldable bikes. You can also purchase water bottle mounts separately, if they are not already a part of your folding bike.
  • They feature a design that’s simple to hold and drink from while still riding with one hand.
  • The snap-top cap design on most of these cycling water bottles makes it easy to open it, gulp down a few sips and close it without even stopping your bike to use both hands.


Staying adequately hydrated is just as important for a healthy lifestyle as exercising regularly, for example in the form of cycling. Make sure you adopt both habits in your life to stay fresh and active. Choose the right cycling water bottle today so that you are never left thirsty when you’re out cruising on two wheels.

Now that you understand everything that is of any importance regarding cycling water bottles, you can surely make the perfect choice. With the best cycling water bottle close to you every time you’re out on your bike, you will always have access to clean, fresh drinking water so that you may compensate for the loss of fluids through your physical activity.

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