10 Best Bike Water Bottle Holders Reviews 2019 – Comprehensive Guide

Cycling is an excellent exercise and keeps you fresh and healthy, but only if you stay hydrated. What every cyclist, therefore, needs is the best bike water bottle holder to carry their cycling water bottle with them. Cycling makes you sweat, as you would expect with any other forms of exercise. Unless you compensate for the loss of your body fluids by drinking water, your body is prone to serious dehydration.

Selecting a reliable bike water bottle cage is a great idea if you do not wish to experience any such damage to your health. Although you will find tons of bike water bottle holders out there, they are not built equally. Keep reading and you will be able to pick a lightweight, durable, reliable and affordable bike water bottle holder by the time you reach the end of this guide.

Best Bike Water Bottle Holders in Summary

Different Types of Bike Water Bottle Holders

You will find two basic varieties of bike water bottle holders in the market. Here they are:

Front Mount Systems

Bike water bottle holders that come with front mount systems are the more preferred varieties since they are mounted on the front side of the bike’s frame. These bike water bottle holders allow convenient access to your water bottle while you are pedaling which is why most of the professional cyclists choose this type. During professional races, these bike water bottle holders allow cyclists to even drink from a straw without requiring them to remove hands from the handlebar. It may however, affect the air resistance on the bike, which may be a consideration if you are a professional cyclist.

Rear Mount Systems

The professional cyclists who cannot afford to compromise the aerodynamics of the bike prefer to install bike water bottle holders with rear mount systems. For such varieties, the bike water bottle holder is built to be mount behind the bike seat. This position of the bike water bottle holder may, however, be a little difficult to access, it doesn’t affect the bike’s aerodynamics.

Bike Water Bottle Holder Reviews

#1. Friendly Swede Alloy Bottle Holder

Friendly Swede Alloy Bottle HolderBesides being incredibly affordable, this is a durable bike water bottle holder which is compatible with most varieties of bikes. The heat treated aluminum alloy that is used in its construction will ensure that it survives through rough and regular outdoor use and lasts for ages. The complete confidence that the manufacturer establishes on the durability of this water bottle cage is quite evident, given the extravagant lifetime warranty that it comes with.

In addition, the simple installation that it offers for all varieties of bikes is just another one of its strong suits. The mounting holes on this water bottle holder and the pairs of screws, which are also included in the package, will allow you to screw it onto the bike frame quite easily, provided that the bike includes threaded holes.

What’s also appreciable is the ability to hold all sizes of standard water bottles with ease. With this particular water bottle holder, you may choose to carry a larger or a smaller water bottle, depending on your hydration requirements without facing any compatibility issues. Also note that you receive 2 water bottle holders in the package so that you may share with a friend or a sibling; each weighs only 2.1 oz so it barely adds any extra grams to your bike.


  • The paint may chip off after regular use.
  • The front part is a bit loose especially for smaller water bottles.

#2. Ibera Bike Water Bottle Cage

Ibera Bike Water Bottle CageThis is a best selling water bottle holder on Amazon, not just because of it’s surprisingly low price but also due to the versatility and durability that it offers. Despite the lower price, absolutely no compromise has been made on the choice of material. It uses heat treated aluminum for construction which can last through excessive use and rough outdoor conditions.

Besides offering an excellent fit for standard sized water bottles, it will also accommodate larger water bottles with ease. This makes it a preferred option for cyclists who often go on long biking tours and require a larger reserves of water to carry along. The unique ovalized design offers a more secure fit for the water bottle while also making it easier to access.

As for the compatibility, you won’t have trouble installing the unit on any type of bike and at any position that you would find convenient to access. Stainless steel bolts come included in the package so you may install it on your own without an issue. Besides the excellent features and the high quality construction, there are 4 different color options available so you may choose one that goes with your bike.


  • The paint wears off easily.
  • The design may make certain varieties of water bottles a bit harder to remove.

#3. Schwinn Bicycle Water Bottle & Cage

Schwinn Bicycle Water Bottle & CageWhat better means for quenching your thirst than an inexpensive package that includes both, a water bottle holder and a water bottle? Yes, that is exactly what you get in this excellent package by Schwinn, and that too in under $10! While the ergonomically designed water bottle makes it easier to drink and keeps the water cool and fresh all day, the water bottle holder does a great job at securing this water bottle that comes in the package or any other standard sized water bottle that you may choose to use. The water bottle is dishwasher safe and features a large mouth so that you can add ice cubes to keep the liquid cool.

The water bottle holder features an aluminum construction with a rust-resistant finish that will last you a long time. It holds the water bottle firmly but allows a simple and effortless access whenever you are thirsty. The secure fitting ensures that the water bottle stays intact even on a rough terrain. Fine quality bolts and mounting bracket are also available in the same package so that you are able to mount without any additional equipment.


  • The mounting bracket is sharp and may scratch the bike frame.
  • The water bottle holder is not highly durable.

#4. Pro Bike Tool Holder

Pro Bike Tool HolderThis is a water bottle holder designed for accessing your water bottle easily and keeping you hydrated throughout your trip. Most standard sized and larger water bottles will fit easily inside this durable water bottle holder and will allow easy accessibility. The durability of this gadget comes from its heat treated, machined aluminum alloy construction which offers strength despite being very lightweight. The holder weighs only 1.69 oz. and features a powder coating finish, to look great attached to your bike.

It will easily mount on most types of bikes, be it a hybrid bike, mountain bike or road bike that you own. To make the installation even easier, the package includes two stainless steel bolts using which you can mount the unit onto the threaded holes of your bike without any professional assistance. Mount holes on the holder are oval in shape as compared to the usual circular holes which makes it more convenient to tune the position of the holder to your liking. Its simple yet beautiful design and convenient usage truly makes it a preferred choice of many cyclists.


  • The mounting bracket may not be compatible with certain variety of bikes.
  • It will not hold small water bottles securely.

5. UShake Water Bottle Holder

UShake Water Bottle HolderBacked by lots of positive reviews, this water bottle holder is another one of the favorite picks of cyclists. You will find 2 heat treated aluminum alloy water bottle holders inside the package which are highly durable yet light in weight. Each water bottle cage weighs only 2.1 oz which means you may install it on your bike without worrying about weighing it down. The included 4mm hex key along with 2 pairs of screws and washers makes the installation simpler than one could even imagine. While most other water bottle holder, too, come with screws, hex key isn’t usually part of the package which makes this particular model a big hit among buyers.

The built-in the arms of this water bottle cage will securely hold a 26 oz water bottle in place without letting it vibrate or slide off the cage. You can bend the arm towards the mounting brackets if you wish for it to hold a smaller water bottle. By choosing this ultra lightweight water bottle cage, you will also enjoy an extended 10 year warranty that comes with it.


  • The cage is relatively soft which means it will not offer a very firm grip.
  • The cage is a somewhat bulkier than many other varieties.

6. Wiel Water Bottle Cage Holder

Wiel Water Bottle Cage HolderIf you are a professional cyclist and would prefer a lightweight water bottle holder which does not add any extra grams to your lightweight bike, what you want is a superior quality carbon fiber water bottle holder. This package offers two water bottle holders, each built entirely from carbon fiber and weighing only 1 ounce. Despite the lower weight, the holders are strong and rust resistant. The superior strength and grip that the holder offers allow you to ride through rough terrains or at high speeds without losing your water bottle.

The holder is designed for all standard sizes of water bottles and will allow easy access to the bottle whenever you feel thirsty. Besides being compatible for an extensive range of water bottles, it also offers compatibility with most varieties of bikes. You can install it on almost any kind of bike using the set of screws that are included in the package. Besides the functional and lightweight design, the appealing red and black finishing is bound to attract most cyclists. The same model is also available in silver if that’s what matches the color of your bike.


  • This model is relatively more expensive than the aluminum alloy water bottle holders.
  • The holder is less durable as compared to the usual aluminum holders.

7. Ibuger Bike Water Bottle Holder

Ibuger Bike Water Bottle HolderHere is another pack of 2 in under $10 which makes it one of the cheapest water bottle holders that you can get your hands on. Available in 2 color options, black and blue, the package will include two strong water bottle holders, 2 pairs of screws and washers and a 4mm hex key for installation of the unit. The holders are made from superior quality, heat treated aluminum alloy to allow a tight grip for your water bottle and long-lasting performance. The outer paint coating is rust resistant and smooth so you can be completely sure that it will not scratch off all over your water bottle as is the case with many poor quality holders.

Each holder weighs only 2.5 oz. and is compatible with most regular sized water bottles. It will also conveniently carry larger sizes of bottles so you are adequately hydrated on longer rides. The holder can also be bent slightly if you want to hold a smaller water bottle inside it. The complete installation kit with screws, washers and hex key makes it very simple to mount the holder on any type of bike that you may own. Yes, it is fully compatible with hybrid bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and foldable bikes.


  • The holder isn’t as lightweight as most of the other models that are available.

8. FiveBox Aluminum Water Bottle Holder

FiveBox Aluminum Water Bottle HolderIf you are a fan of high quality bike accessories which are designed to last for years but do not cost a fortune, this water bottle holder by FiveBox is worth considering. This best selling water bottle holder on Amazon is built with aluminum alloy and is guaranteed to deliver strength and flexibility despite being lightweight. Furthermore, the anti-rust capabilities of the exterior makes it quite suitable for regular use outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions.
The functional design uses a pair of arms that wrap around securely around any standard sized water bottle to prevent it from falling off when you ride through bumpy roads. Together with offering a secure fit for the water bottle, the holder also ensures that the cyclist can access it easily whenever he or she feels the need.

The installation will barely take you minutes if you have a 4mm hex key and your bike includes threaded holes. As for the screws that you will need for mounting the holder onto the bike, they come included in the package. Also, you can choose a holder that best matches the existing color of your bike from among 4 different color options available.


  • The finish starts to scratch off with time.
  • The rough joints may scratch stainless steel water bottles.

9. Accmor Bike Water Bottle Holder

Accmor Bike Water Bottle HolderIf you wish for a water bottle holder for your bike that lets you reach the water bottle from any angle that you find convenient, you will love the intelligent design of this model. This water bottle holder built from plastic steel allows a complete 360 degrees rotation of the holder depending on which angle suits you best. To adjust the direction of the holder, you will simply need to rotate the screw with which it is attached.

What’s even more impressive is the simple installation which requires absolutely no tools at all. It will take you merely seconds to secure the clamp included in the design of the holder to the frame of your bike. The screws can be adjusted to fit the size of the bike’s pipe. The unique design allows you to install the holder on the handlebar as well. You can also remove it and attach it to another bike or another location on the same bike just as easily.

The parts are highly durable and the holder easily accommodates all sizes of water bottles lower than 27 oz. This versatile holder can also hold cups and cans besides water bottles.


  • The addition of the clamp to the design makes it heavier than most other bike water bottle holders.
  • The bottle may fall off when taking sharp turns.

10. Topcabin Bike Water Bottle Holder

Topcabin Bike Water Bottle HolderAvailable in black, red and white, the shape of this water bottle holder is quite similar to that of Accmor bike water bottle holder that has already been discussed. At a very low price, this model, too, features a rotatable holder so that you may adjust the angle to what you find most suitable for accessing your water bottle. The material is plastic steel which is built to last you a long time and won’t show any rusting or wearing even after prolonged exposure to nature’s elements.

The unit allows two types of installations. You can either attach it to the tube, handlebar, pipe or fork of the bike using the pre-installed clamp on the holder or take off the center screw to remove the clamp and attach with the mounting holes, just like the traditional water bottle holders. Installing it through the mounting holes will require screws and a hex key along with the presence of threaded holes . The clamp also includes a Quick Release feature which enables you to detach the holder just as easily and reposition it based on your preferences.


  • It’s a little towards the heavier side but you may let go of some grams by taking off the clamp.
  • Rubber pads will need to be used, otherwise it can scratch your bike frame.

Bike Water Bottle Holder Buyer’s Guide

So once you have made up you mind on which type of bike water bottle holder works best for you, there are a few other things you will need to think about before you can make a decision.


Different bike water bottle holders come in different materials. It is the material that is used in the construction of these bike water bottle holders that will determine its durability, weight and also its cost. You can find inexpensive and lightweight bike water bottle holders made from plastic or durable ones made from metal. Aluminum alloy and steel are the two most common types of materials available in bike water bottle holders made from metal. A major benefit of aluminum alloy construction is that even if the bike water bottle holder loses its shape over time, it can be bent back to the desired shape to provide a secure fitting for the water bottle.

You will also find some high-end bike water bottle holders made with carbon-fiber. The benefit of carbon-fiber bike water bottle holders is that they are durable and lightweight, both at the same time. For this reason, most of the professional cyclists, nowadays, choose carbon-fiber bike water bottle holders over those made out of cheaper materials.


The whole point of a bike water bottle holder is to hold the water bottle tightly all the while that you are on the bike, Make sure that the bike water bottle holder, which you are about to purchase, fulfills that purpose nicely. These holders are built to either hold the water bottle’s body firmly or its neck. In terms of how they grip the water bottle, you will find two categories of bike water bottle holders.

The traditional choices are the wrap-around varieties which tightly hold the water bottle body and prevent it from coming loose even when you ride through rough terrains. The second category is the more recent introduction in the market of bike water bottle holders. These varieties come with rubber collars to offer a more snug fit for your water bottle and prevents it from rattling through your ride especially if you’re moving at a high speed.


The weight of the bike water bottle holder is especially important to professional cyclist since every little contribution made by the bike accessories adds to the complete weight of the bike. The increase in the bike’s weight affects many things such as your biking speed, the effort that it takes to pedal the bike and the ease with which you can haul it in spaces where it cannot be ridden.

If you do wish for a lightweight bike water bottle holder, the best option for you are the ones made with carbon-fiber. However these lightweight bike water bottle holders may not grip the water bottle as securely as the traditional alloy bike water bottle holders. You need to access which feature is more important to you; secure fitting of your water bottle or a lower weight. Once you have made your preferences clear, you can decide upon a fair compromise. Also remember that the filled water bottle that you store inside the water bottle cage will make a bigger contribution to the overall weight than the holder itself.


All of the biking accessories, including bike water bottle holders, should be highly durable since you’ll be using them regularly on your biking tours. Also, since they will be used outdoors, the bike water bottle holders need to be durable enough to survive tough conditions. Make sure that the material that it is made from is rust-free so that it does not display any signs of wearing even if exposed to regular rainfall. Many bike water bottle holders, nowadays, come with powder-coated finish which prevents rusting of the gadget while also improving its aesthetics. Metallic bike water bottle holders are generally more long lasting as compared to their plastic counterparts.


To choose the correct size of bike water bottle holder, you need to think in terms of the amount of water you would want to carry with you or the size of the cycling water bottle, if you already have one. Most of the bike water bottle holders are designed to fit the standard sized water bottles. With the intelligent positioning of their collar, they can also hold larger and smaller varieties of water bottles easily.

If you want an even more customized fit for your water bottle so that it does not rattle or fall off the bike if you are riding through a rough path, you may want to consider a bike water bottle holder that includes an adjustable bottle stopper in the design. Using the stopper on the bike water bottle holder you can easily adjust the positioning and fitting of the water bottle to match your requirements.


Another consideration that’s worth taking a note of, with regard to bike water bottle holders, is the level of accessibility that it offers for the water bottle that is stored inside it. The cyclist must be allowed to access the water bottle easily, remove it from the holder to drink from it and then replace it back in its position without putting in any significant effort. The cyclist should be able to complete all these steps to drink from the water bottle without even compromising the speed at which he or she is riding the bike.

Apart from the position where you install the holder on the bike, the design of the bike water bottle holder needs to be such that it allows easy access of the water bottle for the cyclist. The holder should be able to grip the water bottle securely so that it doesn’t fall off the bike when riding on rough terrain or at a high speed. At the same time, it should offer a fitting loose enough for the rider to access the bottle without an effort. The two statements are, no doubt, contradicting. What you need to do is to find a bike water bottle holder that offers a suitable balance between the security of the water bottle and its accessibility.


Of course, the price of the bike water bottle holder also plays a major role in deciding which options you can consider purchasing. In case you wish to purchase multiple bike accessories at a time, you may not have the budget to spend a lot on every single one. The good thing about bike water bottle holders is that you wouldn’t need to spend a lot to buy one, even if you choose one of the high-end varieties. Most of them are quite affordable and you should be able to find a decent one in the range $5 to $40. Some packages will include both bike water bottle holder and cycling water bottle and will cost you much cheaper than if you purchase the two accessories separately.

Shape of the Mounting Holes

The bike water bottle holders usually come with plates that include mounting holes. Bolts will be inserted through these mounting holes in order to secure the bike water bottle holder to the bike. What you need to look at is the shape of its mounting holes. Those that are completely round will only allow a single possible positioning for the bike water bottle holder. Instead, if you choose a bike water bottle holder with elongated mounting holes, slight adjustments will be allowed for the position according to where you find it most simple to access.

Installation of the bike water bottle holder on your bike

Once you have selected the right bike water bottle holder for your bike and made the purchase, the installation is quite simple. Most of the latest varieties of bike water bottle holders that are present will hardly take 15 minutes to install. Take out your bike and look for threaded holes in the frame. You will usually find these on the front side of the bike. This is where you will mount the bike water bottle holder using a pair of bolts and washers. The bike water bottle holders come with mounting holes to help you fix them onto the bike, as we have already discussed.

In case the positioning of the threaded holes on your bike or the mounting holes on the bike water bottle holder isn’t according to your liking, or there are no threaded holes on your bike at all, you can also have it welded to your bike frame at the position of your liking by taking it to a repair shop.


Whether you are a professional cyclist or a casual one, the one point that you need to be careful about is proper hydration of your body and the one gadget that can help you achieve that is a reliable bike water bottle holder. Consider everything that you would wish to have in your bike water bottle holder. Is it lightweight? Will it hold a suitable capacity of water bottle to last you through your journey? Will it last you for long enough or start to show wear and tear after only a few bike trips?

Think it through and then select the most suitable bike water bottle holder that fulfills all your demands while staying within budget. Of course, you also have our bike water bottle holder reviews to help you make an even better decision.

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