Foldable bikes are special kinds of bicycles which have recently appeared in the market. As the name suggests, foldable bikes are somewhat different from the usual bikes because they offer an additional feature which is the capability of folding. This feature makes it an ideal choice for users living in apartments and small spaces. You can also keep your best foldable bikes with you in hostels and trailers without any trouble.

It even makes it a good option for those who use public transport since they can easily catch a bus riding on their foldable bike and then fold it up in an instant to carry it along on the bus. Apart from buses, you can also carry these foldable bikes on subways and trains without an issue. The best feature about a foldable bike is that they are lightweight and compact when you fold them to allow for easy transportation. With several advantages that it offers to its users, these bikes are becoming increasingly popular with each passing day and most of the cyclists are now opting for these foldable bikes in place of the traditional bikes.

If you haven’t heard of foldable bikes before, not to worry since you have come to the right spot. Here you will find everything that you need to understand about foldable bicycles. You will also, in our buyer’s guide, find foldable bike reviews from which you can choose any product with complete confidence that you are making the right bargain.

Best Foldable Bikes in Summary

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Foldable Bike First Time

If you do an in-depth research on foldable bikes, there are several features which you may come across. However, if your purpose is simply to buy a best quality foldable bike for fast and comfortable rides which is simple to fold and unfold and can be carried easily, you may not need to go into the details of all those features. The only important features of a foldable bike that you will need to consider while making your purchase are listed below. Make sure you are well-informed about these specifications and check them in the foldable bike that you choose to buy:


As with any other product in the market, the prices of foldable bikes will vary considerably depending on a number of things. The quality of the materials that are used in the manufacture of a particular foldable bike, the design, the speed that it offers and the brand are some of the most important factors in determining the price of the foldable bike. You can find a good foldable bike even with a limited budget since they start at around $200 though you might have to compromise on some of the features. If price does not concern you, however, and you only want the best, the prices can go as high as $1000. Between the ranges of $200 to $1000 you will find loads of different options, some of which will serve all your requirements with perfection and that too at a reasonable price.


Size of the foldable bike generally refers to its size after being folded up because this is the aspect that concerns most commuters. The smaller the size of the foldable bike, the easier it will be to pack away in a briefcase, bag or suitcase and the more convenient it will be to carry it. However, too small a size will mean that the wheels of the foldable bike are unusually small which means you’ll have to compromise on the functionality of the bike, most particularly its speed.


The standard wheel size for a foldable bike is 20 inches although some models do come with wheels as small as 16 inches for taking a compact shape when folded. The foldable bikes which have larger wheels are generally more comfortable to ride and can offer higher speeds but will be more difficult to carry as compared to the ones with smaller wheels. You will, ultimately, have to find a suitable balance between the wheel sizes that you can comfortably carry and those which you can comfortably ride.


As we have mentioned, weight is an important factor in determining whether the foldable bike that you are considering buying is actually worth your money. In general, the whole point of a foldable bike is that it may easily be carried inside a bag with you which won’t be achieved with one that is too heavy. The lighter the foldable bike is, the easier it will be for you to carry it. Look for an alloy frame if you want a lightweight folding bike since they’ll generally be lighter than most of the other frames.

Foldable Mechanism:

In general, there are two basic types of folding mechanisms that you will find in foldable bikes, both of which we have discussed below. Each of the types have their own pros and cons and often determine the cost of the product as well but the most popular types that you will find are half or mid foldable bikes. You will also find some models which incorporate different types of folds in their design for better compactness.

Ease of Transport:

Ease of transport is connected to certain other features of the foldable bike such as its weight and compactness of the shape it assumes when folded up. In general, the lighter the foldable bike and the more compact it becomes when folded, the simpler it will be to transport it. If you want a foldable bike which is easy to transport you may want to consider models which can be wheeled when folded.


A higher speed of the foldable bike would mean a faster ride to allow you to get to your destination quicker. Most cyclists prefer choosing foldable bikes which offer multiple speed options by a change of gear. Multiple speed options are especially beneficial when riding uphill since you won’t have to put in extra effort to ride against the force of gravity. You will simply need to switch to a higher gear and ride with the same effort as you normally would on a flat road. Using foldable bikes which offer only a single speed, riding uphill can be very tedious since you would have to put in a much greater effort and pedal faster to overcome the gravitational pull.


The frame is a vital part of the foldable bike which will determine two important features regarding the product: its weight and its durability. Many different materials may be utilized for the making the frame of a foldable bike out of which you will find steel to be the least expensive. Although frames made with steel are sturdy and offer good shock absorption, they are also quite heavy and difficult to transport. Aluminum, titanium and copper fiber are also common materials used in the design of the frames of foldable bikes. Copper fiber is the lightest of them all while titanium is the most expensive in view of the strength and portability it offers.

Foldable Bike Reviews

#1. Schwinn Loop Foldable Bike

Schwinn Loop Foldable BikeAvailable in 3 color options to choose from, this one is among the latest foldable bikes available in the market. Since Schwinn is a popular brand for all kinds of bikes, you should rest assured that the construction is solid, practical and durable. Within a few seconds, this steel bike folds up into a compact shape, 29.5” by 29” by 19” in dimensions which can easily be transported in an RV or a car to wherever you wish to take it. Besides urban riding, the foldable bike can also manage some off-road riding including small hills and muddy pathways. The 7-speed Shimano shifter and rear derailleur make it even easier to handle a faster ride on flat ground and an effortless ride up the hill. There is also a rear rack where you can carry you luggage and fenders over the wheels which protect you against any dirt from the road. The package also includes a nylon storage bag in which you can neatly pack away your bike in folded position. If you’re concerned regarding the durability, it will help to know that your purchase is backed with an impressive lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. Read Full Review Here.


Drawbacks of this model of foldable bike aren’t many besides the heavier size due to the steel construction. Although, admittedly the steel construction makes the unit somewhat heavy, it is also what makes it durable. Some customers also mentioned that the folding process isn’t very simple.

#2. Stowabike Folding City V3

Stowabike Folding City V3If you are looking for a cheap, compact foldable bike for commuting to work or riding through the park, this is the one for you. All it will take is just a few seconds to fold and take a compact shape that’s easy to store. What’s also great is that the handlebars can also be removed for an even compact storage of the bike. Unfolding the bike and getting it ready for a ride is just as simple. This is a 6-speed bike made with a solid steel frame which is incredibly durable and also includes a rear rack where you can keep all your stash while riding the foldable bike. The Shimano shifter allows for smooth transitions between the speeds while riding at an angle or on flat ground. The 20” steel fork installed into the design absorb all the shocks from the road to maintain a smooth ride for the rider while the steel mudguard prevents the dirt from reaching the bike frame or your clothes even when you take a muddy route. The height of the seat can be adjusted to accommodate all riders no matter how short or how tall they might be. The model is available in two color options to choose from and is a very affordable pick for most riders.


Since it is constructed out of steel, you will find the model rather heavy as compared to most other foldable bikes which are made with aluminum.

#3. Dahon Speed Uno Foldable Bike

Dahon Speed Uno Foldable BikeAlthough it’s among the more expensive models of foldable bikes, the simplicity of the design and SuperLite 4130 chromoly frame makes it one of the lightest foldable bikes in the market weighing only 24.2 pounds. Not only that, the bike takes a very compact shape when folded with dimensions 11.7” by 30” by 25”. It will only take you around 15 seconds to get the whole thing folded up and packed away in your luggage. Other than being super lightweight and incredibly simple to fold and unfold, the bike is also safer than most others. The manufacturers have paid close attention to the safety of your investment by placing a secondary lock on each of latches of your foldable bike. This superior latching system ensures that the bike stays put when folded up and may be carried easily. It comes with a single speed which is sufficient for both urban and rural riding and a rear coaster brake. The absence of a gear system and brake cables is where the simplicity of this bike really comes from. Riding on a flat surface rarely requires these features which is what the manufacturers of this particular model realized and used in the design. Besides keeping the bike lightweight, it also ensures that absolutely no adjustments or maintenance is required for the bike. Read Full Review Here.


The coaster brakes will take some practice to get used to before you can master controlling the bike. Also, since this foldable bike does not include any fenders or mudguards, you will need to be a bit careful when riding though a muddy track.

#4. SwagCycle Pro Foldable Electric Bike

SwagCycle Pro Foldable Electric BikeIf you are looking for the latest electric foldable bike out there with all the contemporary features to make riding simpler, effortless and more enjoyable, this is the one you should pick. Although it is light in weight, the construction is robust and can support up to 264 pounds with complete ease. The handlebars along with the stem can be folded for an even simpler storage. For those who want the comforts of a pedal-free riding, this foldable bike comes with a powerful 350 watts motor to take the riders up to a top speed of 18 mph without using any manual efforts at all. Besides giving exceptional performance on smooth roads, the foldable electric bike can also handle inclines of up to 12 degrees without giving the rider any trouble. The battery life is exceptional, covering a range of over 15.5 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, the bike allows app control so you may track your speed, location and more through your mobile phone. It also lets you keep your phone charged with a built-in USB charger port. In short, SwagCycle makes the best pedal-free electric foldable bike out there. Read Full Review Here.


Some drawbacks worth mentioning are the heavier size of the bike weighing over 30 pounds, its un-adjustable seat and the small wheels which makes the bike only suitable for smooth surfaces. Also, the main frame cannot be folded up but the bike will still manage to fit inside your car trunk.

5. Vilano Urbana Foldable Bike

Vilano Urbana Foldable BikeIf you wish for a lightweight foldable bike having a sleek look at an affordable price, this is the one you need to go for! It has a stylish aluminum frame which keeps the weight to a minimum and coaster brakes for unbeatable braking performance. The absence of any sorts of gears and a single riding speed makes the design simpler, lightweight and easier to handle for the rider. Within seconds, you will be able to fold up the bike into a compact shape measuring merely 12″ x 32″ x 25″ and weighing only 21.5 lbs. It is among the lightest foldable bikes that you can get, making it pretty effortless to carry your bike around all day on your shoulders packed inside your backpack. Although it isn’t meant for off-road adventures, urban riding is best catered with this single-speed foldable bike.  This makes it a great and affordable ride for daily commuters to work and school. The bike will, although, come partly assembled when it is ordered online, you will easily be able to attach the rest of the parts using the clear instructions in the manual and the included assembly tools.


The bike isn’t for you if you live in a rural area or enjoy off-road riding since it is not built for the purpose and includes only a single speed. The single speed of the bike also makes it unsuitable for riding up a slope.

6. Columba Foldable Bike with Shimano

Columba Foldable Bike with ShimanoThis is an affordable foldable bike with 26” wheels which offers a modern design and includes all the features and accessories of a high-end foldable bike. 327v suspension attached to the front and a spring suspension made of alloy at the rear make the ride incredibly smooth as all the shocks from a bumpy road are absorbed by these forks. You may notice that the wheel size of 26” is a bit larger than most foldable bikes which is the reason why is will give a smoother and a more comfortable riding experience even on small hills or rural areas. Riding uphill is further made simpler with the combined capabilities of the 18-speed Shimano shifter and derailleur. The foldable bike also includes all the useful accessories such as alloy rims, steel kickstand, and removable handle stem with alloy V-brakes at the front and rear. As for the folding process, it takes barely 15 seconds to complete once you have mastered it. The folded size is compact enough to fit inside a car trunk. Overall, it’s a comfortable foldable bike for both urban and rural riders.


Although most of the features are great, there are some cons worth taking note of. At 35 pounds, the model isn’t very lightweight or simple to carry. Also, there are no latches to hold the bike in the folded position which can be a bit problematic at times.

7. IDS Home U Transformer Foldable City Bike

IDS Home U Transformer Foldable City BikeWith a sleek, lightweight design and superior performance on the road, it’s hard to understand why it comes at such a low price tag. The features are exactly as you would get in one of the high-end models of foldable bikes with a 6-speed Shimano shifter that makes use of a derailleur for faster transitions between gears and V-brakes made from semi-alloy present at the back and front of this model. Besides the superior braking capabilities and convenient gearing, the foldable bike also boasts 20” wheels with 1.75” Kenda tires to let you have a comfortable ride through rough terrains. You will love that the foldable bike requires minimal assembly when you order it online and is quite simple to fold for storage and unfold for use. Along with easy adjustments of the seat and handlebars, you may even remove the stem completely for even compact storage. Furthermore, the folding pedals give it an even more compact shape so that it may take a smaller storage space. You also get a rear rack with the bike to carry your belongings on the go. Overall, it’s a great affordable bike for daily commuting in an urban setting.


There aren’t many drawbacks other than the slightly higher weight which may make hauling it around a bit tedious and the assembly required before you can start using it.

8. Stowabike MTB V2 Foldable Mountain Bike

Stowabike MTB V2 Foldable Mountain BikeIt’s hard to find a mountain bike at such a low price, let alone a mountain bike that folds! Yes, you will be surprised to see the price tag on this foldable mountain bike and even more surprised when you discover the features. The steel frame provides the much needed strength and durability while the dual suspension fork ensures a comfortable ride even on rough terrains. Besides the frame, handlebar, stem and brakes are also made with steel to ensure a longer life of the foldable bike. Since the bike is designed for being ridden on all terrains, it comes with 18-speed adjustments using Shimano Derailleur.  Riding is made even simpler with the 26” Wanda tires which provide traction on uneven surfaces and speed on level roads. Other than exceptional performance on the road, the mountain bike also does a great job folding up into a compact package measuring 38.2” x 12.6” x 29.5” for storage. The bike itself weighs 38 lbs and can carry anyone weighing less than 177lbs. Overall it makes a solid foldable bike for daily commuters and adventure seekers and all of that at a low price. Read Full Review Here.


Despite all the great features and an amazingly low price, there are a few drawbacks which you need to be warned about. The bike itself is rather bulky to carry and not the best choice for heavier riders. The maximum weight that it supports is much smaller than that offered by most foldable bikes.

9. Dahon Foldable Bike MARINER

Dahon Foldable Bike MARINERAfter the already popular Mariner D7 of Dahon, 2019 brings the upgraded version D8 for it fans. D8 features many new additions and improvements to the original design placing it among the best sellers this year. The construction is based on an aluminum alloy which makes the bike durable, lightweight and strong, all at the same time. Weighing only 26 pounds, this foldable bike isn’t much of a burden to carry. Furthermore, it folds up in less than 15 seconds to make transportation even easier for you. From merely 25.6” by 31.1” by 12.6” of folded size, the unit opens up to become a full sized foldable bike that’s capable of supporting 230 lbs of rider weight. D8 comes with 8 speeds and Shimano trigger shifter as compared to the 7 speeds and twist shifter of the earlier D7 model. Not only do the greater speed options make the bike go faster on smooth surfaces and conveniently on inclines, but the new trigger shifting technology also makes it easier to adjust the speed. Furthermore, the 20” tires are reinforced with Fusion Technology to give an even smoother riding experience on rough grounds. Rack and fenders are also installed on the model.


The major complaints are regarding the assembly of the bike. Since it doesn’t come pre-assembled when you place an order online, you are going to have to spend a little time assembling it on your own. Also, the seat can get scratched easily while folding and unfolding of the bike.

10. Retrospec Speck Foldable Single-Speed Bike

Retrospec Speck Foldable Single-Speed BikeHere is yet another model of foldable bike for all those who prefer a vintage look but all the cool features of a modern bike. This is a single-speed design which includes rear coaster brakes and an incredibly lightweight aluminum frame which makes the bike nothing short of perfect for urban riding. With these features, you will find that the design is pretty similar to the 4th one on our list by Dahon except that the price is much lower. The 20” wheels are reinforced with Kenda Kwest tries to give superior traction on the ground while the handlebar is adjustable to suit the preferences and the height of the rider. The bike frame along with the handlebar, pedals and a foldable top-tube takes just 15 seconds to fold up neatly and pack away inside your car trunk. Once folded, the bike will take a very compact shape with dimensions 10” by 30” by 22” so that you can store it away in smaller spaces. Even with the alloy seat post, a very comfortable saddle and a 48T chaining, this foldable bike weighs only 23 pounds which makes it quite simple to carry around.


Without any speed adjustments, the bike is only suitable for riding on flat and smooth surfaces. Also, you won’t find any mudguards or rear racks in the design which may be a bit inconvenient at times. Also, the locking mechanism is not very simple to use which is also one of the problems that the users pointed out.

11. EuroMini ZiZZO Foldable Bike

EuroMini ZiZZO Foldable BikeBuilt to perfection in the USA, this is a lightweight foldable bike having a frame constructed out of aluminum alloy. Besides the frame, all the remaining bike parts including the handlebar, seat post, stem, fenders, kickstand and brakes are also made with lightweight but durable aluminum alloy. The Shimano 7-speed derailleur combines its functionality with the unique stainless steel cassette gears to make it easier to adjust the speed and tackle most kinds of terrains. The bike also ensures that you are always in complete control with the V-brakes which despite being lightweight offer superior braking performance. To make it even simpler to tackle rougher terrains, the bike features 20” wheels reinforced with 2” multi-terrain Kenda tires. These tires also include a magnet catcher to hold the unit together when folded. The bike folds up pretty quickly within 30 seconds and takes a compact form for convenient storage. The inclusion of foldable pedals to the design further helps give it a compact form. Furthermore, most riders will find it comfortable to ride with an adjustable stem which accommodates heights between 5’ to 6’ 4”. Weighing just about 26 lbs, it is most likely among the lightest foldable bikes you will find. Read Full Review Here.


To be very honest, it is a great bike at a very affordable price and does not have many cons to discuss. One slight issue which was noticed, however, is that the front brake pads produce an annoying squeaking sound when called to action.

12. Vilano Lightweight Foldable Bicycle

Vilano Lightweight Foldable BicycleAvailable in a beautiful, lightweight aluminum frame, this is another one of the affordable foldable bikes out there. It makes a perfect bike for both commuting and leisure riding complete with all the useful accessories such as rear racks, kickstand and fenders. Besides these usual accessories which you will find in almost all foldable bikes, this one also includes water bottle mounts to quench your thirst on a hot day. Built on a space saving design, the bike folds up into a compact shape and may be loaded inside a car trunk for transportation. The safety latching system will hold the bike when folded up to ensure a compact package. Besides being simple to fold and unfold, this foldable bike also gives exceptional riding performance with a 6-speed Twist Grip shifter making it simpler to ride uphill or accelerate on flat surfaces. Besides being comfortable to sit on, the seat of this lightweight folding bike is also adjustable along with the handle bar to accommodate many riders of different heights. The seat post and the handlebars are also made of aluminum to keep the weight low while the suspension fork is made of steel for durability. With all the advanced features and accessories and a sturdy construction, it makes one of the best commuter foldable bikes out there. Read Full Review Here.


The wheels of the bike aren’t built for smooth rides on rocky terrains which is something you need to keep in mind beforehand. Also, some customers might not appreciate the fact that the bike does not include the more popular Shimano shifters.

13. HASA Foldable Bike

HASA Foldable BikeFor those who do not know, HASA is a well-known bike manufacturer which is popular for the quality and durability of its bike components. This 6-speed foldable bike is one of the best ones that HASA has brought into the market. It is a perfect choice for experienced riders as well as beginners. The bike folds and unfolds pretty quickly and takes a compact shape in the folded position with dimensions 33” by 25” by 13”. There is also a folding lock which will keep it packed up neatly when not in use. Furthermore, this foldable bike comes with a lightweight but tough aluminum alloy frame and 20” wheels made of alloy to give a smooth ride on all kinds of surfaces. The seat post is also made of alloy and the product further includes mudguards and a rear rack where you can carry your luggage. The stem is adjustable to accommodate most heights of the rider while the seat is quite comfortable to ride on. The 6-speed Shimano shifter is another one of its superior features which makes speed adjustments pretty simple. The manufacturer additionally offers a whopping 5 years warranty on the frame.


Customers mentioned that the folding lock is a little problematic to use and the bike itself is bulky to carry as it weighs around 34 pounds. Also, with all the basic features which you will find in most of the foldable bikes nowadays, the price is a bit higher than you would expect.

14. Montague Paratrooper Foldable Mountain Bike

Montague Paratrooper Foldable Mountain BikeAmong the high-end foldable bikes is this one by Montague which is the original design which was delivered upon request by DAPRA for use by their soldiers. Since it’s built for soldiers to take to combat, you already get some idea of its quality and performance. This high performance bike comes with mechanical disc brakes for superior braking action and a 24-speed shifter to tackle riding on the roughest terrains. It’s actually a mountain bicycle which is built for tougher conditions of the road but also folds up to be stored in a compact shape that measures 36” by 30” by 12”. It will take you just about 30 seconds to fold it up without requiring any professional assistance or fancy tools. Velcro straps are included to hold the bike together in the folded position. Even with the large 26” wheels and 4” tires, the weight of this foldable bike is only 29 pounds making it quite lightweight for transportation. Also, for a folding mountain bike, the price is reasonably low as compared to most of the other mountain bikes. Overall, it makes one of the best foldable bikes on the list. Read Full Review Here.


It’s hard to find any drawbacks to its use; everything about the bike is simply perfect. Some customers, however, did mention that the height of the handle bar is somewhat difficult to adjust. Other than that and the slightly higher price tag, everything else is perfect.

15. Strida Foldable Bicycle

Strida Foldable BicycleIf you are looking for a unique design, this foldable bike by Strida is just what you have been finding. With a one-of-a-kind look, it’s available in a bunch of different color options to select and includes all the contemporary features of the foldable bikes of today. The frame and the suspension fork of the unit is constructed with top-of-the-class 7000 series aluminum for ultimate durability other than ensuring that the bike is lightweight to carry. As for the ride itself, it could not be more comfortable or smooth than with the 16” aluminum wheels which are reinforced with Kenda tires. It also includes a special belt drive to eliminate the need for gears or oily chains. The braking performance is also exceptional with superior disc brakes installed in the bike. You should also know that the whole structure takes just 10 seconds to fold away nicely for storage. The handlebars will also collapse to help achieve a more compact shape. The bike also includes convenient extras such as a kickstand, rear rack and fenders.  Overall, it makes a durable foldable bike for urban riding that does not require much maintenance.


Since it comes with a single speed, this foldable bike does not offer much versatility and is more suited for urban riding. Also, the design, as some customers pointed out, can be a bit uncomfortable for longer rides.

16. Dahon Vybe D7 Foldable Bike

Dahon Vybe D7 Foldable BikeThis mid-ranged foldable bike by Dahon provides a comfortable riding experience and easier transportation with its lightweight, foldable aluminum frame. The sleek black exterior ensures that you ride in style while the 7-speed Shimano shifter lets you enjoy a versatile riding experience. The 7-speed adjustability is made simpler with the responsive Shimano FT35 derailleur that is installed in the unit. By moving the chains rapidly through the gears, it will ensure a faster shifting of the speed. You experience any trouble riding through most terrains with its large 20” wheels. The bike isn’t just convenient to ride but also to store since it boasts a compact folded size with dimensions 26.4″ x 13.4″ x 32.7″ and a weight of merely 26 lbs. Not only that, but it takes merely 15 seconds to fold up nicely without requiring much effort from your end or any fancy tools. Also, with a maximum supported weight of 230 lbs, the bike can accommodate most riders with ease. Besides the basic features, this foldable bike also includes some convenient accessories such as fenders and an alloy kickstand.


Although the majority of the points go in its favor, the bike isn’t without its drawbacks. The most important ones which need to be mentioned are the issues with the height adjustments and hand brake. Also, the bike seems a bit more expensive than many others that you can find in the market with the same level of performance and similar features.

17. Camp Adult Foldable Bike

Camp Adult Foldable BikeFor all those who ride a bike to stay active or to travel to work, this is an excellent foldable bike available at a reasonable price and a manageable weight of 29 lbs. The aluminum construction of the frame is what keeps the weight low without compromising on the strength or the performance of the bike. The disc brakes at the front and the rear of the foldable bike are also made with aluminum alloy to provide greater control over the bike. With 16 speed adjustments and rear derailleur, this foldable bike can take you up inclined surfaces just as easily as on flat ground. It is among the selected few foldable bikes which come fully assembled and ready to roll. When not in use, it can be folded up in seconds into a compact shape. When folded, the wheels connect with a magnet, to make the unit even smaller and convenient to store. To accommodate riders of different heights, the manufacturers have incorporated an adjustable stem and seat post in the design. You will also appreciate that the bike also includes a rear rack and fenders to make your ride comfortable.


This foldable bike seems a bit expensive for the features offered. You will find cheaper foldable bikes in the market with the same performance level and more or less the same features.

18. Allen Sports Downtown Foldable Bicycle

Allen Sports Downtown Foldable BicycleIf you are looking for a lightweight foldable bike for urban riding, you would love owning this model by Allen Sport. The frame of the foldable bike is built with exceptionally strong but lightweight 6061 aluminum and includes a single speed to keep the design simple and light in weight. The single-speed gearing is more than sufficient for riding on flat surfaces and inclined surfaces with smaller angles. The suspension forks are made with steel to offer a smooth ride through most surfaces. Its large 20” wheels with 1.5” tires make riding easier while the exclusive locking system on the wheels holds the unit together when it is folded up. The frame also includes release levers to make the folding process simpler and faster for you. You can, quite literally, have the bike folded and packed within 10 seconds. With all the cool features, you will find it quite lightweight to carry as it weighs only 24 lbs. Despite its small weight, the bike is sturdy enough to support riders weighing up to 242 lbs and heights between 4’ 9” and 6’ 6”. One thing that’s for sure is that you will love riding around the city on this model.


One minor drawback to the design is that the pedals are non-folding which means that the bike will take a little more of your storage space than it should. Also, since it offers only a single speed, it’s not so suitable for riding on rough terrains.

19. Schwinn Adapt Foldable Bike

Schwinn Adapt Foldable BikeRide with a classy look on this foldable bike by Shwinn which not only features a uniquely elegant design but is perfect for commuting around the town. Furthermore, it merely takes seconds to fold up neatly into a compact package for being stored inside your bag or briefcase. You may also store it inside the strong nylon storage bag that’s included in the package. The bike is lightweight with an aluminum alloy frame and 20-inch alloy wheels making it simpler to carry around. The bike comes with 9 speeds which can be easily adjusted through the superior quality Shimano twist shifters and rear derailleur. Whether you are riding through flat ground or up a hill, Adapt 3 won’t let you down. Besides the ultimate riding experience, you will also enjoy a comfortable ride without any mud splashes with its full-wrap fenders. As for your grocery bag, it goes neatly on the rear rack keeping your hands and handles free from any obstruction. What you will appreciate most about this foldable bike model is its lifetime warranty so you may enjoy your rides to the fullest for years to come.


For such a high price, one would expect it to handle all kinds of terrains which it doesn’t. Although this foldable bike gives exceptional performance on flat surfaces, rough surfaces aren’t handled very well. You also need to know that the handlebars and the seat post aren’t adjustable.

20. Montague FIT Pavement Foldable Bike

Montague FIT Pavement Foldable BikeFIT is the newest and the best model of foldable bike brought to the market by the most popular bike manufacturer, Montague. It is the solid construction and the multitude of advanced features which make it the best foldable bike on the market. The patented FIT frame constructed out of 7005 series aluminum with carbon fork makes it the strongest foldable bike ever seen.  When paying attention to strength, the main dilemma for the manufacturer is always the weight which Montague has successfully managed to keep as low as 26.5 lbs. So the strong and lightweight foldable bike also gives an incredible riding experience with over 30 speeds to adjust using super responsive Shimano Tiagra trigger shifters which also come with an optical display. FIT folds up in under 20 seconds into a compact shape without requiring any tools. Furthermore, you can get the bike in two different frame sizes, 19” and 21” and the handlebar is also adjustable to accommodate riders of different heights. With all the amazing features and durability, this foldable bike is completely worth the money.


It’s probably the best foldable bike we have seen in the market and there are essentially no flaws to discuss here. However, with the high price tag, it is only for those who can afford an expensive ride.

21. Briza D8 Foldable Bicycle

Briza D8 Foldable BicycleHere is another one by the same manufacturer, Dahon, since all its products are so very popular. It is a full sized bike which offers a slightly upright position for the cyclist to ride comfortably and enjoy his journey to the fullest. The 24 inch wheels are wider and therefore stronger than the one we discussed earlier by the same manufacturer. They are also equipped with fenders to keep your bike nice and shiny no matter how many puddles you ride through.

The Derailleur gears with the foldable bike offer a 7 speed setting to the rider which you’ll find more than sufficient for most cases which you might encounter during your journeys. There’s also a kick stand with the unit which lets you park it in the folded form instead of finding a parking space for a full sized bike especially in a busy city.

The one step folding mechanism of this foldable bike is simple to understand and just as quick to fold and unfold. The compact shape that the foldable bike takes when it’s folded is simple to store anywhere without freeing too big a space.


The weight is even larger than the foldable bikes which we have already discussed which means it is going to give some more trouble when transporting. Some customers also found the seat to be a bit harder than those on other foldable bikes.

22. Montague New Boston Foldable Bike

Montague New Boston Foldable BikeMontague bikes, based in Boston, have been in the market since 1988 and have produced some exceptional models which quickly became common among regular cyclists. Their 700c model is just as popular with its lightweight aluminum frame equipped with a steel fork for durability.

This foldable bike has been given strength with the use of two top tubes running parallel to each other. The slight angle at which they are attached makes sure that there are no vibrations reaching the cyclist when riding on an uneven surface.

Unlike other foldable bikes, this one doesn’t include any joint in the main tubes of the frame which gives a two-fold benefit: enhanced strength and lower weight. The folding technique which is used here is the quick release on the top tube which will only require to be turned over to bring forth the rear triangle. The folded bike is compact and easy to carry.

Riding on the bike is comfortable and smooth because of the extra wide, 28mm tyres which provide a strong grip on all kinds of surfaces including damp ones. A 1 year warranty from Montague backs the parts for any damage or malfunction.


The extra-large wheels which guarantee a smooth ride also add to the weight of the folded package amounting to around 24 lbs which makes it a bit difficult to transport or load in and out of the car. Also the model will only offer a single speed which may be a bit problematic when riding uphill.

23. Montague Navigator Foldable Bike

Montague Navigator Foldable BikeHere is another model from Montague which is different from the first one on our list for many reasons. Although both are from the same manufacturing company, this one offers 27 speed settings as compared to only a single speed option as is the case with the Single Speed New Boston model by Montague. Such a wide speed range makes this vehicle a beast when riding uphill or speeding through a flat road.

700c tires are the standard when it comes to daily commuting and this foldable bike is just perfect for that. It comes with a rack attached to the rear side for holding your gear and fenders over the wheels to protect the beautiful frame from catching any splatters from a damp road.

You can easily adjust the height of the stem to adjust the riding position depending on your riding style and the situation. The folding mechanism is quite simple to understand and merely takes 20 seconds once you get the hang of it. The folded bike stands safely on a stand for storage.

Disc brakes are used in the design which are strong but at the same time bring the bike to a halt smoothly if you pull the handle slowly. You can also stop the bike abruptly in case of an emergency by pulling the handle quickly.


We found that the folded position of the foldable bike is not as compact as it is with other bikes which means you’re going to have to allocate a bigger storage space for it.

Reasons for choosing a Foldable Bike

In case you are still wondering whether a foldable bike is the right investment for you or simply a waste of your precious time and money, here are some important reasons to back your decision on purchasing a foldable bike:

Saves Space:

As we have already mentioned, one of the biggest reasons why most people opt for a foldable bike in the first place is the little storage space they take as compared to their regular counterparts. Storing a foldable bike in a small house or apartment is much easier since once you fold the bike it will take only a fraction of the space required for a regular bike.

Saves Money:

Using public transport becomes a lot easier if you have a foldable bike since you can carry them along conveniently on buses and trains. With greater motivation to use public transport instead of cars and motorbikes, you will be saving loads on fuel costs, parking fees and maintenance costs.


If you have ever used a regular bicycle before you would remember the uncomfortable feeling you have when you leave it out in the street since you cannot take them inside buildings such as your office or grocery store. A far more secure option is to use a foldable bike which you wouldn’t have to park outside since you can conveniently store it under your office desk or out in the hallway before attending a lecture at your university or college. You can even keep it under your chair if you’re allowed to do so.

Easier Mobility:

While cars can be one of the most comfortable means of transport, you will often find yourself late for work because you were stuck in a traffic jam or having difficulty finding a parking space. You will especially encounter these problems if you live in a big city because of growing traffic on roads as a result of the growing population. Riding a foldable bike, the traffic jam shouldn’t concern you since a compact vehicle such as this will easily be able to find a way through the sea of cars. You won’t even have to stop and find a parking space since you can fold the bike and carry it along to your destination just like a suitcase.


Riding your foldable bike to and fro your workplace or college is an excellent means for exercising and keeping your body fit and active. The great thing about this form of exercising is that you don’t even have to allocate a special time slot for it out of your busy routine as is the case with most other exercises. So riding a foldable bike serves two purposes simultaneously:  transports you conveniently to your destination and helps you burn lots of calories in the process.


Those who give some heed to style and fashion besides comfort and convenience will love owning a foldable bike. These latest varieties of bicycles look exceptionally fashionable and sleek and will undoubtedly turn a few heads once you bring it on the road.

Types of Foldable Bikes

Foldable bikes come in all sorts of varieties which is why they can be categorized in different ways. Let’s have a look at each of these categorizations separately.

Foldable Bikes Categorized by Size

The sizes of the foldable bikes can vary to some extent depending on the purpose that the bike is meant for. Let’s start by categorizing these foldable bikes into 3 groups based on their size:

Compact Foldable Bikes:

Compact Foldable BikeMulti-mode commuters will find compact foldable bikes more practical as it can fold into a size so small that it fits inside a suitcase or bag easily. If you place this foldable bike next to any standard bike, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference unless you observe closely. The height of the seat and that of the handle and the distance between the seat and the pedals are more or less the same for the cyclist to ride it easily and efficiently but the slightly smaller wheels and the overall simplicity in the design of the frame allows it to take a compact form when folded.

Full Size Foldable Bikes:

Full Size Foldable BikeFull-size foldable bikes are the most admired types of foldable bikes in this categorization since they offer the same functionality as a regular non-foldable bike only with a foldable frame. Since they use the same standard frame and the exact wheel size as any other regular bike, they will offer a faster ride as compared to the other types of foldable bikes, which makes them a preferred choice for riding to work or college. These full size bikes will use 700c wheel size if it is a road bike and a pair of 26 inch tires if it’s a mountain bike. The good thing about these bikes is that despite the size of its frame and wheels, they can be folded to a compact size which can be carried conveniently.

Portable Foldable Bikes:

Portable Foldable BikeCommuters who are looking for even more compact options for a bike will find these portable foldable bikes a good option. The reason for this suggestion is that the portable foldable bikes offer an even more simplified frame design and wheel sizes smaller than 16 inches so that when you fold them, they take a shape so small, you could even fit them in a backpack or briefcase. The convenient, small size unfortunately comes with a major trade-off. These bikes will not be quite as efficient as a standard bike and will not offer a ride fast enough. If you don’t mind the catch and still find the compact size an appealing feature, go ahead and buy one of these portable foldable bikes since it is definitely the right pick for you.

Foldable Bikes Categorized by Foldable Methods

Different types of bikes will have different foldable mechanisms each one having its own pros and cons. Here are the two most common categories you will find based on their foldable mechanism when you are searching for foldable bikes.

Half Foldable Bikes:

Half Foldable Bike

The most popular foldable method that you will discover in foldable bikes is half or mid foldable. The hinge that is incorporated into the design allows the bike to be folded in half. These half foldable bikes will generally have larger wheels to allow faster commuting and feature multiple quick release clamps at various positions such as the seat and handles to quickly fold and unfold the bike. You simply need to release the clamp and the bike will spring back itself into the original position.

Triangle Hinge Bike:

Triangle Hinge Bike

The triangle hinge bikes use a mechanism which makes foldable and unfoldable even easier and faster than that included in the usual design. The frame incorporates a triangle hinge in the construction for the back of the bike to be folded forward to securely fit under the main frame. Besides the rear part, other parts of the bike may fold as well in a similar way such as the front fork and/or the steering column to give it an even smaller shape when the triangle hinge bike is completely folded. The quick release latches of a triangle hinge foldable bike make if quite fast to set up or fold the bike.

Electric Foldable Bikes:

Electric Foldable Bike

Different from the categories mentioned above, there are also some foldable bikes which comes with a built-in, battery powered engine which can be turned off or on as needed by the rider. These electric folding bikes are best for commuters who don’t want to enter the office all sweaty because of energy it takes to ride a standard bike. Instead they can let the electric foldable bike do the work for them and ride them to work so you can save your energy and step into the office fresh and presentable.

The engines installed in such foldable bikes aren’t very powerful or heavy but can ride the cyclist at a sufficient speed for some distance without a problem. Just like any other foldable bike, they can easily be folded into a compact size which will fit into a suitcase or even a backpack to be carried along.

How much does a Foldable Bike Weigh?

Folding Bike WeightThe weight of the foldable bike plays a big role in determining if it becomes a big hit among the customers or not. The dilemma for the manufacturers is to use the same high quality materials which are used in the creation of other bikes while keeping the weight to a minimum. Of course, the customer will only be willing to pay for a foldable bike which weighs light enough to be able to carry inside a suitcase easily.

The weight of a standard foldable bike is intentionally kept below 30 pounds so that it may be carried comfortably. The cheaper varieties might weigh heavier than this standard value if you don’t mind the trade-off. The high-end models use even lightweight but strong materials so that the foldable bike may even weigh as little as 18 pounds.

If you still find it hard to carry the bike in its folded form because of the weight, there are some foldable bike models which include small wheels which you can use to pull the bike. You can also pull most foldable bikes on their rear wheels when they are in their compacted form.

Foldable Bike Accessories

If you want extra features in your existing folding bike, there are tons of options that you will find. With folding bike accessories that are generally available at nominal prices, you can upgrade your folding bike and benefit even more out of it. Some will guarantee your safety or your bike’s while others are simply there to enhance your experience on the bike. Let’s check out some of the most popular ones.

Cycling Water Bottles

A cycling water bottle can be a huge blessing especially when you’re out for a long ride on a hot summer day. Most cycling water bottles are designed to keep the water warm in winters and cool in summers so you can enjoy water at optimal temperature throughout the year.

Bike Water Bottle Holders

When you decide to take a water bottle along on your ride, it goes without saying that you will also need a bike water bottle holder. With a bike water bottle holder, you can have your water bottle close to you and reach it whenever you are thirsty.

Bike Locks

Bike theft is a common problem for urban dwellers. With the modern bike locks, however, thieves have a hard time tackling the bike and your folding bike will be much safer even when you park it at an unsafe location.

Bike Helmets

Bike helmet is a must have for all those who ride a bike. It’s even a law in many cities where you’ll be paying heavy fines if you’re caught riding a folding bike, or any other bike for that matter, without a bike helmet.

Bike Computers and Speedometers

Bike computer or speedometer is another useful accessory for those who like to keep track of their accomplishments. Mileage and cycling speed are just the basics; most bike computers aka speedometers are designed to display much more than that.

Safety Tips to Follow While Riding your Foldable Bike

Similar to riding a regular bike, there are certain safety tips which you must follow to ensure your safety and that of your bike. Here are a few things you should always keep in mind when riding your foldable bike.

folding bicycle riding safety tips

Buy with Care:

First things first, you need to be careful when buying anything new and extra careful when buying a foldable bike since you want a safe riding experience with it. Rather than ordering one online, it is even smarter that you buy a foldable bike at a local store so that you can check it in person; maybe even give it a test ride if the store owner allows it. Select a foldable bike from one of the reputable brands and have a professional set it up for you the first time you use it so that you are sure that it is being done right. Only after you have got the hang of it should you set it up entirely on your own and hit the streets.

Care and Maintenance:

Care and maintenance not only guarantees a long life for your foldable bike but ensures your safety as well. A foldable bike will demand a little more care than a regular bike. Since it has the capability of foldable and unfoldable, it will have greater number of parts fitted together with nuts and bolts than a regular bike. All these movable joints should be checked regularly and the nuts must be tightened before you go riding the bike. You wouldn’t want any loose nuts or flimsy joints while you are on the go for your own safety.

Take for Tune-ups:

Remember to arrange frequent tune-ups at a store or take it to a professional for the same. If you are riding your foldable bike on a daily basis, it will require a tune-up every 8 to 9 months.  Even between tuning sessions, if you feel that your foldable bike needs replacements or repairs for any of its parts, you should be quick to respond with the most suitable action. After all, it isn’t simply a matter of your foldable bike’s safety but yours as well.

Safety Gear:

What’s also very important is that you wear all the necessary safety gear before riding any type of bicycle. If you are in your learning stage, you should be wearing knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet every time you step onto your foldable bike. However, even if you consider yourself an expert rider, helmet is a bare minimum that every person who rides a bike should be wearing to stay safe in case of an accident.


Whether you want an escape from the big-city traffic or you are a traveler in search of a vehicle which can conveniently be packed and taken along on your tours, a foldable bike is the answer to all your problems. Remember that not all of the models of foldable bikes will be manufactured identically. They will vary in various aspects like foldable methods, wheel sizes, weight and prices as you have already seen in detail in this guide. It all comes down to the preferences and requirements of the user that which model might appeal to him more than the others.

With so many varieties and brands available, there has to be a perfect model somewhere in the sea of foldable bikes for each one of you. All that is required of you is to find it. We are certain that after reading this comprehensive guide on foldable bikes, you will have no difficulty in finding the best foldable bike out there that is designed to cover all your requirements with absolute perfection.